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Word Usage
Post # 1
We all know the word Role Player is in the rules however mods say it means when a person claimes to be something you're not.
Problem is this is not the defination of Role Playing.

a method of instruction or psychotherapy aimed at changing attitudes and behavior, in which participants act out designated roles relevant to real-life situations.
This is the first meaning of role playing taken from

There are role players who act all high and mighty but theres a much better word that can be sued to avoid confusion.

Poser: someone who poses
Poses:to assume a particular attitude or stance, especially with the hope of impressing others: He likes to pose as an authority on literature.
Also taken from

This word most people know what it means and who it applies to. A simple change in the rules can end the confusion.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 2
Kudos for this post!!!

Re: Word Usage
Post # 3
Congrats on finding, Nick

Your personal offense at someone's definition on the site is a little ridiculous. It's about what it means here, according to the authority here, and based on what they decide HERE.

If you have issues, deal directly with the authority or the person in question, as most of us do. Your profile indicates you hope to be an officer, then man up and deal directly with what offends you.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 4
Stoney this isn't a all controlling site and since the rules say English in chat only you must follow the definitions or both rules are invalid.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 5
I don't know where you get your concepts of control or how websites work, but this is a privately owned, Canadian based site, that falls under the authority of the owner and his appointed agents.

What we WANT to think or believe about the rules is irrelevant. This is not a public domain operation.

Any issues with rule interpretation should be taken directly to Pet or KTS for resolution.

Re: Word Usage
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I'm with stoney here. The rules, which were created by Petrarca (I can assume only because he is the administer of the site), are set in stone and it. Pearly states that role-playing will be determined by the moderators. What is the point with trying to argue this point? The most you will get out it is a lot of arguing and possibly having this thread locked.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 7
No matter if its private or public if you keep people in the dark they will leave. A coven already left cause of confusion. I am pointing out a flaw in the words so you can better the rules. If one person tells the administration they will not do much. If more speak about it then he will be more inclined. This post is to get the information out as is my right.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 8
You're missing the point.

On a privately owned website you are granted privileges, such as posting.

You have NO rights.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 9
Agreed with Stoney. and Goddess.Lets end this post though so no more trouble can enter.

Re: Word Usage
Post # 10
Its a simple definition confusion and your telling me people get banned for reading a dictionary. I though everyone was on about proper English. If the moderation ban people for reading a dictionary there is much more problems then i realized. Especially in a site about knowledge.

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