Money Spell + Oil Recipe

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Money Spell + Oil Recipe
By: / Adept
Post # 1
A Spell to Create Magical Hunting Money

This is a hoodoo spell, adapted from a family of spellwork taught to me/us by cat yronwode of The Lucky Mojo Curio Company. This particular spell adaptation and recipe are of my own creation.

To make magical hunting money:
At night before you go to bed, and to be repeated every night thereafter, take all the cash money (paper money) out of your wallet and set it out on a surface. Pray over it that as you spend the money during the next few days, that it will be magical "hunting" money that will go out into circulation to "hunt" out more money to return to you.

1. Anoint the center of each bill with your oily thumbprint that you've applied money-drawing oil to - skip this if you have no such oil, or make your own using the recipe below.

2. Write the words "Return to Me" or the acronym "RTM" in each corner of each bill. Write them small.

3. Sign your name over the signature of the Treasurer, which you can find on American money - sign your name somewhere else if there's no official signature anywhere on the bill.

4. Sprinkle the bills lightly with ground Cinnamon.

5. Stack the bills, and use a magnet as a paperweight that will stay on the stack of bills overnight. You can anoint the magnet with money-drawing oil to create a magical money-drawing magnet - something that's nice to carry in your pocket as a money-luck charm (don't let it get near your credit cards though).

6. Pray over the stack again - or "charge" it, whatever. Repeat each night.

Spend the money as you would normally. You do not have to repeat the process on leftover trained money - just add the bills to the bottom of the stack to recharge.

FYI, if you've ever gotten money that has certain symbols or names on them, this is why. Plenty of people, at least in America, fix magical hunting money. It's lucky to receive such money. You can just sign your name next to the other person's signature, and you both get the luck!

Easy Recipe for Money-Drawing Oil

1. Place 2 ounces of a carrier oil (Sweet Almond, Fractionated Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed, or an organic vegetable oil) in a small glass Mason jar with a metal lid.

2. Choose three, five, or seven of the following common botanicals: Cinnamon Bark, Allspice Berries, Calendula Flowers, Comfrey Leaves, Fenugreek Seeds, Patchouli Leaves, Thyme, and/or Irish Moss. Add them in equal parts to the oil, about a teaspoon or a little more of each.

3. Add a piece of magnet to the oil. If you have any Pyrite or a lucky coin, you can add it to the oil as well. Close the lid and shake well.

4. Create a water bath for the oil. Fill a sauce pan with a couple inches of water - place the closed oil jar in the water, making sure that the water only comes up midway up the glass jar. You do not want water anywhere near the lid or the top of your oil jar.

5. Put the heat on medium-low. You want the water bath to be the temperature of a nice hot bath, nowhere near boiling. Allow the water to come to temperature slowly. Do not turn the stove up on high - you risk shattering the glass jar if the temperature changes too abruptly. Heat for an hour, shaking the jar every ten minutes.

6. Take your glass jar out of the oil bath and let it cool. Once it's easily handled, you can open the jar and add essential oils or frangrance oils if you so choose. Two traditional scents are Cinnamon and Bayberry. Be careful with Cinnamon essential oil - it will burn your skin - so only add two or three drops to your herbal oil. If you're using fragrance oils, then add to your liking - usually about 10 drops or so for two ounces of oil.

7. Your oil is ready to use. After a moon cycle you can strain the herbs out if you like or leave them in. You can also add a perservative like Vitamin E - just take a pill that people use as supplements, prick a hole in it, and squeeze the contents into your oil. Without preservatives, your herbal oil should keep for about a year. If it changes colors or has an odd odor, it's ready for the compost heap. Store in the ever-popular cool, dark place.

8. Pray or "charge" your herbs and oil as you see fit. Most practitioners have their own way to do this. You can pray over/charge the herbs as you add them, pray over/charge the oil when it's heating, pray over/charge it when it's finished, pray over it when you use it - whatever. You don't even really need to - the herbs have powers that are inherent to them - but i always think it's a nice touch. Enjoy!
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 2
Thank you for the spell and oil recipe :D
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 3
Hi There, just wanted to know if you could help me with a simple spell that truely works for winning of money games lottery for clearing of debt luck etc i am a newbie and the ones i tried does not work. Hope you can help i am so frustrated
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 4
Quite amazing,thank you for this amazing recipe.
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 5
Great post LdyGry ^_^
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 6
Hi, did the Money Spell + Oil Recipe work?
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 7
Did this work for anybody?
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 8
Looking for a spell that will pay my bills and get me a decent job..any help appreciated...Not looking for something for nothing
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Re: Money Spell + Oil Recipe
Post # 9
This post was old. Why didn't you make a new one?

A spell won't pay your bills; you have to. A spell can give you assistance with obtaining a job to earn some money though.
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