My Life used to be suck!!

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My Life used to be suck!!
Post # 1
If the admin would allow me talk about my life experience that might help people as it as help me pass through hard times.
so i would start by saying I was a victim of black magic. The black magic was done on me and my family. They wanted to spoiled my life and my family. The black magic has caused us lot of harm, grief and sadness. My sister-in-law lost her baby in her womb due to this. All I wanted to know what will happen to these evil people who have done this to us? Will they get away with it or will they pay for their sins? This was the question i ask my self.. I wanted revenge but I was powerless I could not fight back. Every night i was been hurted by a like shadow creature, i could not sleep, eat or smile at all. I was angry with myself. So i wanted help. Then in January i started asking question and searching the web for miracles and i meet something that interest me "spell casting" then i started researching and trying to know who could be my savour.. I was scam by many people on how to go about before then i met a friend who introduce me to a spell caster. the day he cast the spell took strong effect on my life and family, so i had results. The shadow like creature that used to come and torment its all gone and my sister-in-law is pregnant again and my love life has never been this great.. All thanks to magaka.. You can contact him on highpriestmagaka@gmail.Com. His a spell caster. Any problem at all just trust him
If you have any trouble at all like how to find your love, divorce, pains, accident, beauty remedy. i want you to trust him on anything, he would see you through it
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Re: My Life used to be suck!!
By: / Novice
Post # 2

you should not have given your email address one..

two, everyones life suck, its part of life

3, whats so good about one person? you do know everyone has their own beliefs right? and magick has no color

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