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About Love Spells
Post # 1
I have a question about love spells.

I've read numerous posts about how you can't do love spells, you can't make someone love you.

Then I've read posts where they say don't do love spells because it's wrong. (inferring that indeed, it is possible to do a love spell.)

For myself, I believe that a love spell is a form of psychic attack. When I give someone a love spell, after suggesting of course, that they'd do better by writing it themselves, I usually give them a "find your soulmate" spell or a general spell for finding true love.

However, anyone with a brain higher than a cabbages can rewrite either of those to turn them into a spell for a specific person.

My question is this; should I not give out either kind of spell, because they can be rewritten?

Is it wrong of me to give these people spells of this nature, knowing their intentions?

I'd like your imput.

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Re: About Love Spells
Post # 2
I did a love spell. but saddly it didnt work D:
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Re: About Love Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I think it's wrong if you give it the wrong kind of person. A good person with high morals will usually take the spell and do as you say, some people who have selfish motives will do otherwise. If you look up some of the love spells on here you will realize some of them aren't very nice. I believe there is one on making someone your love slave and any person with good morals would never attempt it. Just make judgements on what you think is right.
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Re: About Love Spells
Post # 4
It'd be the same as selling someone a car wouldn't it?

You didn't know before hand that they whether or not they were a reckless driver and might get into an accident, the responsibility wouldn't really be on you.
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Re: About Love Spells
Post # 5
I don't know for sure if love is something to be fooled with, for in a way it would be a bit immoral to change someones feelings to suit your own gain. But on the other hand, if you knew for sure that the person you liked liked you back but didn't do would be a good push forward. Don't blame yourself for another's mistakes, you just want to assist, so don't place extra baggage on your shoulders when its not needed. Just go with the flow and with what feels right.
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