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Protection NY
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Here is a list of stones and herbs I have found in my area (New York State) that can be used for protection:

Calcite, found in the adirondacks, it balances energies around you and helps to provide security.

Coral, found along the shoreline can be used for protection of children from harmful spirits or energies

Clear Quartz, usually small and mixed with other sediment. Sometimes found in riverbeds and often in the dirt around my area (most common mineral) It amplifies energies and helps to keep your sheilds up. Enhances all other stones

Snow quartz, once again all quartz amplifies. Also helps to heal physically and mentally so it can be used to build up sheilds, enhance workings and heal anything that gets through. Found in creek beds and along shores.

Rose quartz, this one is not a traditional one used for protection.It relieves childhood trauma and heals the heart. Also helps to abolish fears and doubt. I feel it can be used as in protection because having doubt in your workings keeps you from doing them at times. It also helps to protect you from yourself aka inner demons. Not sure if it was naturally there but found some deposits in my driveway

Pumice, absorbs negativity and is great when placed around the home. I have some in all four corners of my house and above the doors and windows. Can be found near volcanoes. Said to be found in the Adirondack mountains but cant be certain.

Slate, keeps things gounded. It can be used in protection to keep out excessive amounts of energy. This is found everywhere from in the yard to along creekbeds. Very common in ny

angelica, grows all over in woodlands, sprinkle in all four corners of house and grow around the border or hang over doors

bittersweet nightshade, (aka bane, belladonna) hang over dooways and windows to block out energy from spirits or other practitioners, grows in moist areas and against other plants ~ is a neurotoxin

bloodroot, same procedure as nightshade, grows in moist yet rocky areas around my home, also makes an excellent dye ;)

comfrey, aides in safety during travel, carry it on your person. grows in well lit places that are moderately moist and have little traffic

willow, place in home.. grown on property.. burnt like sage.. carried on person. Protects against negative energy and is good for love magic. This is my personal favorite. It grows in really wet areas and is often used to dry up wet yards lol
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