Samhain Ritual

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Samhain Ritual
Post # 1
I am writing a small ritual for Samhain. The purpose of the ritual is to help increase your spiritual energy, and to implore the Spirits to grant you some of their strength.

What you need:
A bowl of Salt
A red Candle shaped like a skull
Sandalwood and Musk incense and an Incense Burner
A cup of water (Preferably in a ritual chalice)
A burning bowl
Starter fluid (for lighting charcoal works)
An offering (The type of offering can vary, just be sure that it's something that burns SAFELY)

This ritual should be performed outdoors.

This ritual is personal, so you should write your own mantra or spell for it's casting. I use the following formula to write my mantra; Write a statement of intent (It is my will that I will become more powerful).

Your altar should be facing South (while facing the altar, you should be facing north). Prepare the altar as follows:
Place the candle on the side of the altar closest to you. The bowl of salt should be on the far side. Place your incense burner to the right, and the chalice of water to the left. Place the burning bowl in the middle with your offering inside.

Light the candle and the incense, then meditate briefly to center your energy. Feel your personal energy surging through your body, and visualize it increasing and becoming more intense.

Put some of your Starter Fluid into your burn bowl (Not much!) and drop a match on it. While it burns, continue to visualize your energy intensifying. Continue to meditate until your incense is burned out, then blow out your candle. Mix the salt, water, and the ashes of your offering, then sprinkle this around your altar. Thank the spirits, and go to sleep.
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Re: Samhain Ritual
Post # 2
Skull candel? at first i was like What? but then i remembered that the days getting shorter and nights getting longer is represented by the sun king dying and the dark kings victory. The skull candle represents the death of the sun king? or am i making false comparably in my head?
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Re: Samhain Ritual
Post # 3

A skull represents death; after all.. Samhain is the festival of the dead and the end of the harvest. A skull can also represent change.

Apples are also a good thing to have on Samhain.

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