looking for my awakening

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looking for my awakening
Post # 1
well i would like to start with saying my name is corey. my family has a history of magic. my grandma used white magic. alog with mind control... well as far as i have heard and i never even met the lady lol she might have even used more than that. my mom wanted to learn but grandma i guess never passed that down to her... well my mom promised me that she would take me to somebody she know could teach me but she passed away when i was eleven so i never got the chance to awaken my spiritual half i know is somewhere in there... well i tried looking at places to learn different types of magic but i guess i just.. gave up... well its been about 6 or 7 years since i gave up and i decided to make my own ouiji board. one thing led to another and me and my wife talked to a "spirit that was here for my safety".... or at least seemed to be. it ended up staying for about ten or fifteen minutes till i looked up a prayer to send all the spirits and entities to where they came from.... my wife was terrified about what went on.... and i think it just gave me hope that there is a spiritual world and i do have some kind of spiritual power in me since i was able to draw a spirit to my room in under 2 minutes to my room.... well im just looking to learn white magic or any other magic i can learn instead of... well... opening a portal to hell in my house lol XD can anybody tell me some good beginner spells that can help me start??
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Re: looking for my awaken
Post # 2
oh and if anybody can help me find egyptian spells, those peticularly spark my interest
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Re: looking for my awakening
Post # 3
i dont know any egyptian spells but a good search term would be "kemetic" if that helps
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