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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Magic of Music ^_^

Magic of Music ^_^
Post # 1
Many people seem to forget one of the simplest forms of magic out there. The magic of music (sound). There are many different ways that you can use music in magic. Just think of the way you feel when you listen to your favorite song. Music is a form of energy which in essence is what magic is all about. Using energy to change things.

When you want to increase your energy many people use loud fast beats. When you want to decrease your energy many use slow quiet beats. The more even the beats the better music balances energy.

Also different sounds relate to or remind us of the different elements. When a spell or other working requires the use of a certain element you can tap into it with different sounds. Dripping, rushing or sloshing noises are good for water. Crackling, hissing, popping noises are good for fire. Rustling, blowing or a quiet whistling for wind. The element earth can be represented by drum beats, and rumbling sounds. For the element spirit the sound of a singing bowl works well.

When you seem stuck in a certain mood, you are having trouble meditating or you find it difficult to focus on or visualize something, turn to the magic of music. Using headphones can help you drown out other disturbances. Playing it without headphones can effect the energy of the whole room.
Also the use of Tibetan Tingshas is helpful. They are used for meditation and balance. They can also help in cleansing crystal and disrupting energy being sent to you. The link below explains them some.

These are just my opinions and the effects of sound vary from person to person. Below are some links on youtube that help me with my magic. I encourage you to explore whatever sound or music you can and keep a record of what it makes you feel. The magic of sound lies within us all and everything around us. Love and Light Blessings : )

Building energy (also earth):

Balancing energy (also water):

Warmth and Fire:

Meditation and Spirit:

Projection and Air:

Emotional stress relief:

Feel free to add suggested music links that you feel may help ^_^
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Re: Magic of Music ^_^
Post # 2

Lovely post Seer! Favorited.

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Re: Magic of Music ^_^
Post # 3
Thanks. I favorite my posts that I know people will question or add to so that I do not forget about them xD
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Re: Magic of Music ^_^
Post # 4

Remember playing as well as listening! :)

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Re: Magic of Music ^_^
Post # 5
Zebs is right. I play the bongo drums and piano sometimes. All forms of sound/music are fun to explore ^_^
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Re: Magic of Music ^_^
Post # 6
All forms of sound/music can be incorporated into magic. Vibrating "power names" or words can enhance their effects. Humming or singing a song can add a boost to its energy effects. Some use mantras for meditation and or trances. A healer I recently met will dance while playing a flute. Her healing energies being carried out the end of the flute and swirling around her patient to heal them. High vibrations can be used to cleanse objects. You could play any instrument and turn it into a spell by focusing your intent into it. Same with singing. Instead of simply speaking the words to a spell, try carrying them on a tune. Got a love spell you wish to work... try singing your heart out about the kind of love you wish to draw into your life.

Life and magic is only limited by your creativity or lack of people. Open your minds, think for yourself and be the best you can in all that you do.

L.L.B xox
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