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Need help contacting e...
Post # 1
I am having trouble contacting my elemental. I have a Wind elemental Faerie, also known as a Sylph. But I've tried many times to contact it. I think I may have seen it a few times, but idk. Nothing really solid yet.. Anything I should know? Are faeries any harder to contact than a regular elemental? I want nothing more than to contact my Sylph. Please help?
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Re: Need help contacting e...
Post # 2
In order to see your Faery, you have to choose something that you want it to look like most than anything so you are comfortable with it. Faerys don't want to scare you. Also, try offering some honey, sweet bread, & sugar. One thing, if the faery offers you a "trip" to the faery world...DONT EAT ANYTHING. Otherwise, try reading and studying some books on Faerys or visit and watch her video on faeries. She shares some pretty interesting facts.
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Re: Need help contacting e...
Post # 3
actaully am watching the video now. it stopped to buffer so i checked this lol, but thanks i should offer sugar? thanks ^-^
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Re: Need help contacting e...
Post # 4
I tried again this morning at about 10:10 is when I went out there. Its 10:34 now.. I failed btw. I took the honey and sugar, in separate shot glasses, and considering I live in a small mouse way out in the country in Alabama. There was no sweet bread, but I used Sugar Cookies instead. Well I went out there, I waited, watched listened, meditated for a little while, nothing. So I went to relocate, I crawled through a barbed wire fence and then set down the saucer holding the items. I heard a cow of in the distance, and then as I went to well "wait" I heard the cow very loud very close to me, and it scared me lol so i took off and left the suacer, but before i walked away completely I turned and said aloud. "It is yours whenever you want it." ... So, yeah. Any thoughts about.. anything I just said?
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