Wands: General Info.

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Wands: General Info.
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Wands are magical items us witches use often. Their primary use is to direct energy. They can be made out of wood and metal, among others. They are often decorated with ribbons, crystals, or whatever the owner has chose.

The wood and decorations of a wand usually corresponds with what you intend to use the wand for. For example, if you wanted a wand to help enhance psychic ability, a wand made out of Yew wood with amethyst and purple ribbons attached to it would be a good idea. Google the magical properties if you are making a wand for a specific thing. If you want a wand that is a all-rounder, decorate it as you wish. Clear Quartz is a good gemstone for this. Gemstones are usually chosen because they are very good for energy projection, especially gemstones such as citrine.

The recommended length for a wand is 13 inches. However many people have come up with the idea of 'pocket wands' which are easier to carry around on your being.

It is suggested that you should cleanse your wand before use, to rid of negative energies it may have picked up.

To use your wand, channel your energy into the wand and direct it a whatever you are intending to charge. Whether it be yourself or a item.

If your wand is made out of wood, you could choose to carve patterns in it for decorative purposes.

This is rather brief, it doesn't cover everything. I was aiming for short and informative.
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Re: Wands: General Info.
Post # 2
Thanks for this- interesting post. Very informative.
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Re: Wands: General Info.
Post # 3
Lovely post Unh. Gets the point across.
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Re: Wands: General Info.
Post # 4
hello im getting a new wand and was wondering if you could help me understand the meaning of crystals and stones ,what the does Lapis Luzal stone specialise in? and anyother stones you know of, Please help.
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Re: Wands: General Info.
Post # 5

In response to the question above, lapis lazuli is useful to enhance psychic awareness as well as encouraging the finding of truth and wisdom. It is great for raising intellect. Usually, stereotypically speaking, any blue gemstone is good with spirituality, truth and peace.

All of these links would be beneficial in helping you decide. Shimmerlings is really great for gemstone information ( Click on that, then scroll below the text and you should find links such as 'Gemstones and The Chakras', 'Metaphysical Properties', 'Gemstone Colour Magic' and so on. Click on the ones you feel may be beneficial to you.

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