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For newcomers
Post # 1
Dear Newcomer,
Many times people who come to this site for the first time, and who are also new to the idea of casting magic themselves, ask things like "Can I [cast] magic?", "How powerful am I", "What's my element?" and so on. This post is my attempt to answer these questions all at once. So that you don't have to go digging through all the forums.

-"Can I [cast] magic?"
The answer to this is "yes". In fact, anyone can cast magic. Popular media would depict magic as a selective thing, that runs in blood lines and races. This is not true. Although, some families have practiced magic for many generations it is not a "It's in the blood" thing. You just have to learn how to.
The first steps to casting magic are
1)Find a religion or type of magic that suites you. Something that you think you will be comfortable with, and that you find to be an attractive prospect.
2)Research and learn about it. This mean valid sources of information, and people who practice the religion already.

-"How powerful am I?"
The answer to this question is "We don't know". Power is subjective to how much you know, and how much experience you have with this information. If you learn as much as possible and then get as much experience as you can with it, chances are you're pretty powerful. But also remember, power does not mean throwing around fireballs and pooping rainbows. Often times, the most subtle people are the most powerful. Observe them. Wisdom is power.

-"What's my element?"
Many people who are new to magic assume that their element is the one assigned to their zodiac sign. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it is not. There are a lot of people who are more comfortable with an element that is not their zodiac element. It depends on which one you are attracted to the most, and usually you understand this element better then others might. Not will...but, 'might'.

Now, the last part. If you take anything from this, let it be this last part.
Learn for yourself. Don't take other's word as gospel. Listen to what they have to say, entertain and consider their words and their meanings, but decide for yourself what you will. At the same time, be logical.

I hope this helps some of you. If it doesn't, I'm sorry for wasting your time.
Either way, good luck on your path.

With sincerity,
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Re: For newcomers
Post # 2
Tnx Cassiel. Im new so i need a bit of guidance. Will you help pse. Infinity999.
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