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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Alright, I was on the computer, on spellsofmagic last night and in my kitchen weird things started happening, I started hearing weird noises and so I went to the toaster where I thought it was coming from and the weird noises stopped. Then, I decided to ignore whatever it was hoping it would go away because everything in the kitchen started making weird noises and I heard footsteps.I went and looked around where I heard the foot steps but, nothing was there. I called my brother, who was at my Dad's place and told him to stop messing with me because he had been at my place for a few minutes, apparently he was at my Dad's place playing video games so, he couldn't have made those noises. I just went on and on until finally I got off the computer and went into the den to watch tv and everything went quiet. Was that a poltergeist just messing with me, or some spirit messing around? Any ideas.
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Re: Help!!!
Post # 2
It could have been a spirit. try communicating with it (meditation, invoke, evoke) with proper protection just in case. If it is a poltergeist there are two Theories, one it is a noise spirit or two it is a build up of energy from negative emotions that have not been taken care of. If it is the second theory then find out who it is attached (including yourself if that is the case) to and help them solve their issues if you can. hope this helps
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Re: Help!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thanks brockware but, I don't thin it was attached to anyone because I was the only one there after my brother left besides the dog and, I'm pretty sure a poltergeist wouldn't be interested in my dog. So, it must be a spirit. I just hope it doesn't happen again tonigh, although, it probably won't because these things tend to happen when my family is gone. To me that is a very good sign of respect because my whole family, with the exception of me is Christian. So, if it happens again, how do I get rid of it? Besides telling it to go away because spirits can hear me, they just never listen to me.
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