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Does anybody have ...
Post # 1
a spell or spells, that is super easy to do, and NOT expensive as well, for helping a person get to the truth and or be able to "ward off" some "bad going's on" at their job?
The reason I my husband is having a really difficult time with a boss of his who is NOT revealing a source (with whom is "tattling" on all of the other people at my hubby's job!) It's getting more and more UNcomfortable and sooo many people are considering giving in and "throwing in the towel"...My hubby almost considered it himself..but, he thinks that IF he does this..then the "slimeball" who is busy being "wrapped around the boss's finger" and of whom is trying to get RID of others so that HE can do "whatever he feels like doing"..this person will keep getting away with "EVERYTHING" that is (if my hubby leaves this job and the others do at his job as well!) I need a spell that I can help my hubby, as well as his friends and OTHER co-workers,..or perhaps several spells that are NOT that hard ..We are talking "super simple" to ward off the negative energy and to maybe "OUST" the bad parties to another job post or to get them to STOP their "managing tactics" and to LISTEN to the Real employees ideas, thoughts and "Truths!" This is getting to be pretty bad job politics where my hubby is working ..and while he USED To love this job...he is plenty upset now! The two main people in this job fix are his boss and a guy that wants his job back(but, really does NOT do that much and leaves early from his job..and lies a LOT about "what" he actually does when he is supposed to be working!!)..I just want to help my hubby and his other co-workers..and while I HAVE thought of binding the person. and even my hubby's boss, .I am thinking that spell might NOT work at all! me!!


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Re: Does anybody have ...
Post # 2
Burning sage keeps away negative energy's :D i assume he can't burn it in the office, so maybe he should burn it at home. Just have him stand up and move the burning sage around him the at his chakras.

Another thing you could do is have him wear something with a rose quartz, or at least carry one or to. Rose quartz take negative vibrations and replace them with loving ones :D It could clear the atmosphere.
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Re: Does anybody have ...
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Or maybe, he could put a rose quartz on his desk. Another thing you could do is, do a spell so whatever meanness and and his friend causes and makes others feel comes back at him three times. That might change his mind or, your husband could report his boss to his surperior. If they don't like what's going on they might fire him.
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