Past life...or what ?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Past life...or what ?

Past life...or what ?
Post # 1

So when I was a little kid, I started having these dreams. I was in an uniform, shouting at some soldiers. They would all start running when I speak and than they bring some people. They're skinny, scary, crying. I feel happy when I see them, and I start speaking in German. I shout than, and they take the people away. They scream and cry, the soldiers hit them, and they go away. I take a bottle and drink.
For nights, I had the same dream over and over, but there was a slight difference. Sometimes, I'd be the person who shouts and drinks, but sometimes I'd be just a watcher who sees that scene. (I never got to see if the shouting person was male or female -.-)
And since I was little, those scenes got me seriously disturbed. I would scream and cry at night. So I told my mom and dad but they said it's just nightmares that every kid has, that it's just from a movie or w/e, I don't really remember much about it, but the dreams are vivid in my memory.
So it did last for like a month, but than it stopped so I forgot about it. And than a few months ago, it started again. It's usually places I've never seen before, I shout at some people, usually soldiers, in German, they bring people than promise they're gonna "catch" (o.O) more. Than they take them to execution. It was all places and situations I've never seen before or read about. So I did a bit of a research and got translations of the speaking in the dreams, found pictures of the places, people, just read more about it... And it's the Holocaust! I am very, very scared. Why is it happening? I'm not pretending. This has me freaked out. I wake up in the middle of the night regularly, just because of those dreams. I got nothing to do with the Holocaust, and I don't like it! The problem is, I never felt freaked out or disturbed by the Holocaust pictures, stories... Of course I'm against it! It's wrong, and I really could never even think of doing it, but I never felt the disgust towards those deeds like I do when it comes to other things.
Also, I don't speak German nor I hear people speak in German. I never seen most of those places in my dreams before the research, and I didn't know much about the WW II. Also, the people in my dreams look just like some victims of the Holocaust in the pictures I found... As far as I know no one in my family was a Nazi in WW II.
This is very scary to me. I'm not a bad person, I don't want to have dreams of this, it's very confusing. I just want it to stop but whatever I try it keeps coming back. One lady that's interested in past lives, tarot, and stuff, says it's a past life memory and I have to do something to make up for my crimes and it will stop, but it can't be, right? It's not possible. I'm not evil. Please help me, and please don't blame me if it's true... I wouldn't do it, I'm not a Nazi, I accept all people... :(

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Re: Past life...or what ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
First of all, your not evil. I don't believe that your a nazi. What happened in your past life is not your fault. During Nazi Germany Hitler influenced a lot of people to do things that weren't right. Some people agreed with it, some people didn't, and a lot were forced to do what they did. I believe, this is just my personal belief that we are all very different people in our past lives. You might have been a nazi then, but your not a nazi now but. I would take the lady's advice, do a couple of good deeds, rake a neighbor's yard, and maybe do some nice things for people who are Jewish. What happened happened. It doesn't make you evil but, this might be a good learning experience on the power of doing good deeds for others. Remember, whatever you do in life comes back at you threefold. So, if you do something nice for somebody they'll most likely do something nice for you. That's not why you should do something nice for something but remember, it's not your fault, keep telling yourself that and take that lady's advice, she probably knows what she's talking about.
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Re: Past life...or what ?
Post # 3

Thank you !

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Re: Past life...or what ?
Post # 4
I would love to help you if you are ready
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Re: Past life...or what ?
Post # 5
I agree with what birdlover said, except on one account. The answer to this isn't good deeds (not literally), but to make peace with yourself. The credible psychic Sylvia Brown talks about how we all have issues that we have built up over the course of our multiple lives. The reason why you have these past life memories is because you, on a certain level, feel guilty about what you did. You probably feel like you need to make amends to the people you hurt, but that isn't the only answer. Deep down, you don't need to make peace with the people you hurt, but with yourself. You don't need the forgiveness of others (though it may help), you just need to forgive yourself. I understand that this may be difficult for you, but I'm willing to help you through it if you want. If not, I highly recommend you talk to a family member or close friend for moral support.
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