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my name is jenn who can i talk to about what i should study on first
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Re: new
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

Ode to Beginners

Start with meditation and chakra work. Also read about and practice the other basics of magic such as grounding and centering, circle casting, the cone of power, visualization, and shielding. It is going to take time to learn and practice these aspects of the craft, several months in fact to become skilled in them like it is second nature. I suggest at least one daily meditation of about fifteen minutes long and at least one daily practice of energy work again no longer than twenty minutes at a time. Energy work consist of working with your chakras and basic energy transfer such as charging items with your own energy. If you can fit in a morning and an afternoon meditation session or even a noon as well, please feel free to do so. Meditation can also be practiced for a few minutes before you need to focus on a task such as a test, meeting, or project.

As you work on these things it would be a good idea to read and cross reference the many other aspects of the craft that are basic as well but lead to more advanced practice. Divination and the many different types that can be used, color correspondences not only for candle magic or auras but other forms of magical workings, the different tools and items that can be utilized in magic, the elements including the different sets from different cultures, how to use the vast amount of symbols and their meanings, the moon phases and how and when to utilize them, the seasons even have an effect on castings. Things like herbs, oils and stones take time to memorize so I find it best to read about the ways in general you can utilize them and research the different items and their use as things come up. Researching information before casting magic is a must, even I after all my years still research and deduct which way is best to handle the situation magically.

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