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Magical Circle School
Post # 1
A few new members have graced the Clan exclaiming an awesome Course they took through an online website on Dragon Magick. For $125 this website will teach you what you have already learned in the Basics of Magick, and use a book entitled Dancing with Dragons By DJ Conway which you can purchase through the internet for as little as $2.00. Also in the "kit" they send you are items you can pick up at wal-mart for $20 or less.

With all the information readily available through the internet as of this day in time, there is absolutely no reason to have to purchase lessons. Much less tools that you don't need to specifically perform Dragon Magick. Be wary of sites like this, it is a waste of money.
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Re: Magical Circle School
Post # 2
Thanks, but you aren't promoting them, so it's more like warning us of the gimmick.
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Re: Magical Circle School
Post # 3

a few class on there are free but most of them you have to buy books and tool or whatever class requirement are,before you can join the class. For instance, some years ago there was an element class and you have to buy this book by D.J Conway and some of the homework they have is reading certain page and record your experience and answer some question. One of my friend is a teacher on there and his class is very informative but it has been a long time, Im not sure if there is any changes on the site now

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Re: Magical Circle School
Post # 4
This is a bad misrepresentation of The Magical Circle School.

First off all courses are free.

For the $125 that this person is referring to is a class pack, which is not needed for the class. It is something that the teacher of the course put together which includes tools and the like. However you do not have to have it to take classes. These are simply items that the teacher feels would help you in the class. By no means is it stating that these are the tools you have to use. In fact, we encourage you to find items that suit your needs.

Yes, you do have to purchase books, these books are usually easily found and can be also found at your local library. The reason we do this is because of copyright laws. If we are using a book as a resource then you will need to purchase them simply because it is against the law for us to type out an entire book for you.

By no means is the school gimmicky. The classes are free and will always be free. Purchasing class packs and buying books new or used through our Amazon links helps keep the school free.

I always say you should never simply go by one person's views and should check things out yourself before you make any decisions one way or another. To me it doesn't sound like the poster actually took the time to investigate the site but simply made an assumption.

So check out the school for yourself instead of making statements that are untrue.
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