I have another poltergeis

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> I have another poltergeis

I have another poltergeis
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Sorry for the misspelling but, it wouldn't let me use anymore letters on the title. Anyway, I posted a few months ago about a poltergeist in my house and I think I have another one but, I just wanted to make sure so I don't go doing the wrong kind of magic. It all started last night, or the night before with a lotion cap and a tube somehow moving across the room by itself and the cap screwing itself back on. I didn't see the cap screw itself on but, I had dropped it and a few minutes later I found it in the corner of the bathroom with the lid on. Later, I found a teddy bear my Mom gave me when I was little had moved itself across the room. It wasn't there before because I had been searching the room trying to find my sociology book, and today I went to take a nap. I put my shield up to protect from spirits as usual and then I heard a screeching voice telling me to stop messing with it and noticed the energy from my shield had gone down to about face level and was no longer the dome shape I had left it in. As it was happening I remembered some advice I got from White Rav3n that if a spirit is trying to scare you, don't act scared, and suddenly this wave of calm swept through me and I wasn't scared anymore. By the time that happened it had gone. I assume the leave me alone thing is the poltergeist trying to scare me by immitating the spirit two houses down. What do you guys think? Do I have a poltergeist and should I exercise the house? Also, I'm hearing strange noises I can't identify and I have a terrible fear of poltergeists considering the last one I had in my house tried to posses me and choke me in the same night. Any ideas? All help would be very much appreciated at this time.
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Re: I have another poltergeis
Post # 2
Because you have a fear of poltergeists, you need to learn to conquer that fear before the spirit can be driven off.
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Re: I have another poltergeis
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Ok, thanks for the info but, the only reason I was afraid of poltergeists was because the last one was particularly scary and violent. At least it's not the same one. Things should get worse later once my Mom leaves later though, they always do when she's gone. My question is though, why do they have to bother me? Why can't they go haunt somebody else? I know a few neighbor's who could do with having a poltergeist. (No offense, I'm not wishing harm on anybody) They just are not very nice neighbor's.
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Re: I have another poltergeis
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Oh, and how do I protect myself from them?
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