Moral of a Story #001

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Moral of a Story #001
Post # 1
If you wash clothes, wash them good. If you wash them good, you get clean clothes. If you wash them bad, you get dirty clothes.

There was this actor from Hong Kong. He went to Tibet to join the monks for a time. He got the Buddha garb and made fun of the sash saying, "The next Mr. Hong Kong will be..."

So the monk told him to wash the monk's garb by hand. There was a lesson in this, but the actor didn't want to do the hard work. He suggests, "Why don't you take this to the dry cleaners? It's not that expensive."
Monk replies, "No."
"I'll pay for it."
"No. That is not the monk's way."

* * * *

A similar thing happened to me. My father was soaking his shirts for work. My brother kept hassling me saying my father won't have any shirts for work. So I caved in and washed them. My father comes home and asked who washed the shirts. I said I did.

Instead of thanking me, he laughed at me. My brother did too. He said that I was foolish, naive, and easy. If I volunteered at work, everyone would take advantage of me. I said nothing and let things be.

The next time around when my father needed his shirts washed. I didn't offer to help. He paid my brother to wash the shirts. Then after the shirts dried. He went work with them and my father's boss lady said "You must remember to take a shower or bath each day." My father stank.

So my father comes home and asks me to wash his shirts and he pays me too. My brother volunteers, but my father rejects his help.

Moral of the Story: Hence the Monk's Garb.
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Re: Moral of a Story #001
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Comments from Welcome.
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Re: Moral of a Story #001
Post # 3
Oh okay. Thank you. :)
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