Talking to undines?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Talking to undines?

Talking to undines?
Post # 1
Can anyone tell me how to talk to Undines? I don't mean giving me the whole background on them and their benefits, just how to contact and talk to them. Not mermaids either, just the water spirits called undines.
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Re: Talking to undines?
Post # 2
While I can't offer any particular ritual or "spell" for this I can share the method I use for connecting with spirits in the natural world.

Firstly, I find a place that is "nymph haunted", that is a place in the wild that feels full of spirits. You may find you have water spirits in more urban areas like a pond in a garden or park, but I have always found the best results come from being somewhere out in the sticks, even better if it's a place that people rarely go to like a small creek or a coastal bay that isn't a tourist trap. I know when an area is numinous because I can just feel it, it's quieter, or warmer or the air feels thicker like there's a blanket over it. Sometimes I get a sensation around my navel that feels like something is pulling me.

When I've found my place, I start to build a relationship with it. I go there as often as I can, if there's litter about I clear it up, and I make offerings, lots of offerings. Different spirits like different things. I find that whole fat milk, honey or alcohol is usually well received, but you may get impressions of what they'd prefer. One spirit locally to me likes cornflakes! I make my offerings and state my desire to build a relationship with the spirits of the place. This takes time but the key is to keep at it, keep visiting the place and keep making the offerings.

When I feel that I've been "accepted" by the spirits of that place, I give myself some time when I can be there undisturbed for a little while, make my offerings, speak my intent and listen. I've found that nature spirits communicate with rustling leaves, splashes of water, animal sounds, or with impressions, you just "hear" an inner voice or see a picture in your mind. For me it's important to make spirit connections and maintain a relationship once established, so I keep going back to communicate regularly.

If I'm not accepted, I move on and look for another place. I've had some very strong rejections from certain dryads and I've respected their wishes to be left alone. Others are much friendlier.

Spirit work is intensely personal so you might find another way but this is what works for me.

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Re: Talking to undines?
Post # 3
I suggest partaking in some form of ritual magic, golden dawn system might be best for just starting out. Theres a lot of info on it.
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Re: Talking to undines?
Post # 4
The spirits of nature are more prone to talk if you have a relasionship with nature if you love and respect it/them than you will be spoken to
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Re: Talking to undines?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
connect with water. and meditate by the water
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