occult cosmology

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occult cosmology
Post # 1

cosmologies, plural

1. The science of the origin and development of the universe. Modern astronomy is dominated by the Big Bang theory, which brings together observational astronomy and particle physics

2. An account or theory of the origin of the universe

In occult practice, Cosmology relates to the specific viewpoint of a culture or region, and is generally expressed by their particular creation myths.

The study of occult cosmology includes astrology, spirit work, weather magick, and many other elements of the natural world surrounding the student.

Going further than the science, occult cosmology is studied to provide understanding of purpose and structure of being. "Why am I here?"

Perhaps the most important theory of occult cosmology is the "macro/micro view" of the universe. Directly related to "as above, so below", it holds that within us is a miniature blueprint of the universe and world around us.

Further study specifically towards cultural cosmology by trying to relate to creation myths, important astrological beliefs, etc., can help the occult student to look deeper within themselves and find significant connection to what is outside of them.

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Re: occult cosmology
Post # 2
Excellent excellent topic! I'm one to think that having some kind of study of the cosmos is your studies greatly effects your overall learning because you are constantly striving to place the pieces of the puzzle together. Consequently it does provide an understanding of purpose and structure of being as you stated. Studying the cosmos can bring a student out of simply acknowledging them self and puts it in the context of a greater connection and effect on all around them. Understanding a cosmology of some kind brings an ever present realization that we are always more then just ourselves.

A person studying energy, existence and life and then choosing to participate and manipulate what exists around them not choose to understand how what they study relates to all around it, how it began (by whatever theory) and the big picture of it all is constricted, held down and restricted to simply what they immediately know about something. When a bigger picture is realized, you participate with the very picture in a much more personal level, especially when it comes to the moment you work with it in your "craft".
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Re: occult cosmology
Post # 3
examples would include the Kabbalah "tree of life" with it's various paths, and the Shamanic "world tree" or axis mundi.
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