my two cents

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my two cents
Post # 1
I would like to make a statement that it is beyond childish and ignorant for anyone on this site to tell others that they do not know what they are talking about i have come across some so called "experts" who are on this site and even though you are educated on the way that you do things it does not condone you to put others down and tell them that they know little or not know as much as you and another point i hate the ranking system so many people are creating several accounts just for a ranking it is also unnecessary and pointless the whole fluffy to adept ranking system is completely overrated i personally will not try to prove myself to any of you EVER!! there are people on this site who know KNOW!! for a fact. that i know my stuff.

telling me i dont know what im talking about or to insult me in what i know is childish we are all here to learn not to gripe at one another
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Re: my two cents
Post # 2
I strongly agree with you on that.
i dont think there's a certain way magic should be practice or worship as there are thousands of magical belief and every one is difrent in their own way there should be more respect for each others belief if people cant respect each other how are they able to respect the magic they practice.
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Re: my two cents
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I think what is sometimes lost in translation, due to both parties frustration in such discussions, is that many people who have their own way of doing things fail to realize their own way is based on a handful of books or online resources. These resources in turn stem from further resources, which can all generally be traced back to a range of spiritual traditions.

This generally means that those eclectic practitioners who practice their craft, while not necessarily wrong, are also only partially informed. In this partial view, they may miss things that others who have a deeper understanding of a particular form of magic might see. They might also have different ways of explaining/describing things that don't exactly align with more traditional terms/methods.

The result is the proverbial teenager screaming that they know what's right to someone who, through deeper experience/education may know better.

Not always, but often.

It also tends to mean that somebody, from either side, views only part of the situation and thinks they are correct. They then refuse to learn more of either side, adapt with the situation, and grow from the experience.

The traditional, rational methods are not always correct. There are certainly things in this world that we are not able to explain. However, it is also necessary to examine things rationally, or else you are giving in to ignorance and simply believing everything without intelligence. And this, largely, is the source of the frustration, anger, and "fluffy" label.

Frankly, expressing yourself in a manner that seems very much like a youthful tantrum, where one might shout "I don't have to prove myself to you or anyone!" before storming off to one's bedroom and slamming a door tends to lend some credence to this stubborn lack of desire to understand, learn, and grow within a situation.

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Re: my two cents
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
To my experience, eloff, most of those ranked "fluffy" do not do anything remotely close to putting pieces together.
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Re: my two cents
Post # 5
In my experience on this site there are so many different beliefs and religions its hard for a person to have a strong understanding of all these types of beliefs. However this can cause frustration and make people behave differently than they would normally, some people may make remarks that seem childish when they are angry. As we all know one cannot see clearly when ones anger distorts his view.

I understand a lot of the points given which can create arguments, I suggest if you don't like the ranking system just ignore it. Because complaining on here won't change anything
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Re: my two cents
Post # 6
May I also add User131702 has deleted his account also he was on my friends list, now I'm gonna need a replacement friend lol
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