A Thought.

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A Thought.
Post # 1
I hear on this site the phrase 'As Above, so Below' frequently. Here I would like to view this into a different angle.
Take the Solopsist. He believes that he is the only true thing in existance, and that all else is a manifestation of his mind. An interesting thought, yet a terrifying reality. It leads me to consider the basic relationships of us individuals with the nature of our experience: As without; so within.

Immediately after birth, we experience reality as one phenomenom. That is, there is no differential between the self and the environment. Usually around the age of two, the infant realises that the environment is actually seperate from himself. So, of course, there begins the lying, - the first steps to manipulating the environment.

My thought on this, is how prominent in our living is the basal premise of the nature of life, that is, a process of relationship between the self and the environment? We turn, as an appropriate example, to magick, to help us affect this.
On a more mundane level, I might use this idea to affect my mind - all witches know the power of sweeping, hence the broomstick. We have caused a 'mundane' affect upon our environment, and, therefore, upon our selves. We feel clean inside. As without; so within.

Some believe in karma, or three-fold law. Perhaps this is more intrinsic than we might think. If we perform a generous act, that causes an effect on how we relate to ourselves, - we have caused satisfaction by affecting the environment to affect our minds. We have improved our environment, and thus improved ourselves. Of course this works on any scale.

In conclusion, I repeat the age old phrase, - 'Tidy desk, Tidy mind', this sums up this idea eloquently. Plus, - 'A tidy house is a happy house'. Thankyou for reading :)
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Re: A Thought.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The other half of it, that I feel should be explored as equally (and which you certainly touch upon with your lovely little post) is the "As within, so without" statement.

It is interesting because I feel that together these two statements wonderfully express the coupling of the spiritual realms of existence and the earthly realm. That which exists inside of us, and that which exists internally. It is balanced, interchangeable, and yet separate and unique. One, even as it is contrary.
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Re: A Thought.
Post # 3
Very interesting post, gave me something to think about. Nice work :).
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