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Post # 1
Hello there. How does one describe oneself? I'm a man, a father, I work, I take care of those I love.
I'm 55, yet at times I feel no older that a child.
As I said in my profile:
My life has been spent looking for answers. Even as a youth, I questioned how people could be so sure that "their way" was the only true way. I was taken on a vision quest along the banks of the Missouri, by a man who was a spiritual leader in his tribe. I've met a Buddhist monk who was one of the holiest men I've ever known. I fell in love with a Witch, who taught me the power of nature. I've met people who believed the correct way to teach of their belief in Christ, was to walk with those in life who had been hurt, ignored or shunned. Those who know that Christ exists not in the big, glass walled churches, but beside the homeless, the sick and the poor.

From a God, who manifests themselves through many faces, to God incarnate as a man, from a world filled with Spirit, to demons and ghosts, I've seen that we just scratch the face of what this world means. I've realized the world is full of spirits, both in nature and those visiting from elsewhere.

I see commonalities where others see differences. That which is important is shared, that which many argue over, really irrelevant to what matters.

I've experienced the Great Father, Mother Earth, He who walked among us and spirits who have shown me direction and kindness.

Be it Magic, universal energy or something metaphysical, I've felt forces that defy description. I've encountered those who have lived now and in the past, those I love and those I fought with.

My experience, vast but yet, just touching the fringe.

I use Tarot, Witch boards, Scriptures, visions and more.

I wish to learn how to work with the flow of energy, what some call casting spells.

I wish to learn from those who can help me on my path and I'm willing to share what I know, to those who find it interesting.

I see commonalities in different paths and religions, and a realization that the differences are not so important.

I have more questions than answers and am looking for answers that prepare me for life's journey.

But there will always be skepticism, because I need to take what is taught and find out where it fits for me (if at all).

I look forward to meeting you.
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Re: Hello
Post # 2
G'day Caksi
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