Introducing myself

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Introducing myself
Post # 1
Hey everyone. I'm starting back on a journey that began when I was a child. I am seeking peace. I have often stepped onto the Pagan path, only to let myself be pushed off time and time again. I don't know what hold me it the ingrained Christian religious training I've had? Is the the fear of the unknown? Is it being afraid of moving forward? I'm not sure but I am determined to find my balance and nature always shows me how to do this if I let myself see.

I know this was kind of a confusing intro to who I am...I'm a confused person right now. I just want to feel safe, secure, complete. Balanced.

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.
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Re: Introducing myself
Post # 2
G'day GraceAnna.
I know how you feel. its not easy i was raised all over australia and no mater where we were i felt out of place like there where more to our wourld then we know or see i wanted to learn everything i can but had no one to go to.
it wasnt till my son was 5yrs old he running into the lounge room yelling i going to join the army like great grampa peter did he is here with me and he tell me everthing about the war. i knew then and there that i had to get of my but and learn as much as posible so i can advise my son corectly its the love i have for my child that keeps me learning every day i feel i am a better person for it as my son knows he can turn to my any time day or night for advice especialy when he has his dream vissions.
so dont be afraide to learn and dont let anything hold you back take care.
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Re: Introducing myself
Post # 3
oh i forgot to mention my sons great granpa died a mounth before i was born i never knew my grandfather i only had stories family would tell so i was suprized whe jess came out with that kind of information as the war was not spoken of with my family.
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