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playing cards
Post # 1
I have recently found the joys of using a regular deck of playing cards as a dvination tool. I would like to share this pleasure with others by posting this information i have written on how to use playing cards as a diviantion tool and some pleasures in doing so.
First off let me say i have been reading about and using tarot cards for years, i believe in continuing ones education on the cards and keeping ones minds fresh on the meanings of the cards if one plans to use them. tarot cards reflect all aspects of life and learning about life takes lifetimes so learning about the atrot is a continuing process,i am still learning new things about them today,,but this post is about playing cards.
If you know how to use tarot cards why would you use playing cards for divination? this is why i like it , First off they are handy. I like to keep a deck of tarot cards closeby my person much of the time,but its 78 cards and the tarot cards are generally larger then playing cards, there are times when i can just tote a deck of playing cards with much greater ease. the smaller 52 card deck can fit into yer back pocket!Also tarot cards can make some people uneasy and i have found some people are more open to recieveing a reading from a deack of playing cards than they are a deck of tarot cards. tarot cards just make some consrvatives a little uneasy. Divination with playing cards can be much more casual and people can enjoy this simple divination tool seeing it as a nice parlor trick/parlor game, something fun, not to be taken quite as seriously as a deck of tarot., Also when u use playing cards you eleminate using the major arcane,which i know is importnt,but where are not alwyas looking for heavy handed guidence when using the tarot,sometimes we just wan light advise ,light guidence on more practicaql aspects of life for which the minor arcana reads for, If your bored and empty handed for cards,you can grab a deck of cheap playing cards almost anywhere,some jails even have them,where you certainly wont be allowed to have a tarot deck. You my be at a freinds house who keeps a deck of cars and next thing you know,your reading them with the cards, i could go on and on listing the uses of playing cards for divination. and fyi I once knew two young women who regularly payed a witch 25 dollars a head to read their fortune with just a set of ordinary playing cards, the witch wanted each of her clients to purchase and bring their own deck of cards.which seems to me to be kind of cool considering the deck that one person bought has ben used only to read them and them exclusively..well i have to log off and i didnt even get to the how to portion of my post,later today or tommorow i will post instructions on how to use the playing cards as a divination tool,unless someone beats me to it, thanks,blessed be
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Re: playing cards
By: / Novice
Post # 2

that is good for beginners :D

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