Consecrating an object!

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Consecrating an object!
Post # 1
Hello! its moonrays again and this is my second night of posting forums! hooray! Anyways, the forum right now is going to be about consecrating an item :) ive had people message me how do you do it. Well right now, im here to talk about how to do it for your spells and rituals! good luck!

Basically, all you need will be-
~ The object you want consecrated
~ Myrrh or Patchouli (or incense that suites you, it really doesnt matter, although these 2 are said to be better)
~ A white candle, doesnt matter if its scented or not,
~ A bowl of water, suitable for the object to fit in (duh)
and lastly ~ A bowl of salt (sea salt is better but you dont have to have it)

Light your desired incense and light the white candle too. Get your bowl of water and put it in front of you. Take your object you want consecrated, cover it all with salt, place your power hand over the bowl and imagine a bright white light leaving your palm and passing through your bowl, eliminating any bad energies.
Then chant (although you dont have to, this is just the way i do it)

"Blessed lord and lady, with salt and smoke I consecrate this tool in your name. Let it serve me well"

Remove the item from the salt, and, shaking off the salt, pass it through the incense smoke, sprinkle it with the water you just practically blessed, and lastly pass it through the flame of the candle.

Congratulations you just consecrated your own item! Arent you excited :D well to be honest, you dont have to be cause its not exactly an exciting subject but anyways, i must depart to write more forums! Later people! blessed be!

P.S Comment what item you consecrated and your experiences! Please comment back!
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