Ways of Making Magick!

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Ways of Making Magick!
Post # 1
wassup peoples XD anyways, heres an interesting topic ive thought about and i just want to share my thoughts with everyone...or is that a crime now? XD
anyways, topic: ways of making magick...hmmm mysterious....huh.....well lets see what i came up with!

The sign on the side of the brilliant athame is believed to represent, among different things, the eight paths which leads to the center, and the eight ways of creating magick, and these are;
1- Meditation, or deep concentration
2- Chants, invocations, spells and/or invoking the goddess
3- Projection of your inner self, or astral projection
4- Incense, wines or any potions which aid the release of the spirit
5- Dancing
6- Blood control, the using of the cords
7- The scourge
8- The great rite (oooohhhh scary)

Combine many of the above ways to produce more strength and power. To practise this art, do the following;
1- Intentions- you must absolutely have the full will and firm belief that you can do so, and the determination to get through each and every obstacle in your way!
2- Preparations- You must be properly prepared to do anything.
3- Invocations- The mighty ones, or gods and goddesses must be invoked.
4- Consecration- Your circle must be properly cast, and your tools must be fully consecrated in order for it to work.
Purification- Your whole body must be purified!

Hence there are 5 things absolutely necassery before and after you start magick. The more paths you combine, the more power and strength you produce!

WOW that was a handful to type -.- but anything for my viewers ^_^ anyways its 5:46 in the morning with no sleep since 11:00am yesterday, i am bushed :) i might hit the hay with more than 13 forums made tonight ^_^ proud. Goodnight SoM and blessed be!

P.S PLEASE dont let my poor fingers do that work for nothing :( comment on anything you like :)
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Re: Ways of Making Magick!
Post # 2
This is great to share what you know, but you should include that this is more specific path oriented. For instance the gods or deities do not have to be invoked but you very well may choose to.
Great post, good job
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Re: Ways of Making Magick!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I wouldn't exactly consider The Great Rite to be something done on a regular basis to gain "more power and strength". Nor would I think someone to put "oooohhh scary" after it as well.

Leads me to believe you don't necessarily know what it is to begin with.

Can you tell us where you got this information?
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Re: Ways of Making Magick
Post # 4
or they could be using sarcasm or just sayin that to mess with the newbies like me
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Re: Ways of Making Magick!
Post # 5
yer i was using sarcasm to maybe lighten the spirits for the readers :) thats just how i am ^_^
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Re: Ways of Making Magick!
Post # 6
well actually, i got this information from a spell app on my ipad NOTE* yes i did put them in my own words though :)
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