Dream Recalling!

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Dream Recalling!
Post # 1
Hey told you I'd be back ;)
Getting back to news, the new topic for tonight will be Dream Recalling :)
Basically, Dream Recalling is where you can remember your dreams clearly without much effort.
Keep in mind, that you might not be fully conscious while you do.

You can remember your dreams in the first or second night of practice. Its sort of like hypnosis in a way. You are simply making suggestions to your mind before falling completely asleep.

All you have to do is follow these 4 steps and ta-da :) easy dream recalling ^_^

1- Prepare for bed: Try and get your body as relaxed as possible. Stretch or even do yoga if it helps. Clear your mind. NOTE* Make sure you have a pen and pad next to your bed (to write down your dreams)

2- Programming- This is the most important part. When you get to the point where you feel as if your going to fall asleep (which is called the Borderline Sleep Level or BSL for short) tell yourself over and over again that you will remember your dreams and that you will wake up after every dream and write them down. (this is where the not fully conscious part comes in)

3- Taking notes- If you successfully wake up after each dream, write them down with as much detail as you possibly can. Write down what colour the dream was as well. etc colour, black or brown. Then you must go back to sleep.

4- Reviewing the night- You will be amazed at how many dreams you have at night! You might have 10-15 dreams or more. Dont forget to do this every night or the experience will eventually fade!

There ya go :) have fun with your dream recalling and have fun knowing how weird your dreams may be XD blessed be!

P.S Why dont you share your dream experiences with us? Dont forget to comment!
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Re: Dream Recalling!
Post # 2
Cite your sources.
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Re: Dream Recalling!
Post # 3
believe it or not, i got some of this off my ipad app, not the internet and besides, i put it in my own words so technically, its not copying ^_^
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Re: Dream Recalling!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
You did not stray that far from the original content and have many lines which are the same. That which you have altered is called "paraphrasing", and without citation is still considered plagiarism.

I'm sure the site as a whole is thankful for the information you are providing, however if you are not basing information solely off of experience or memory and are in fact using other sources, whether or not you are "putting them in your own words", they should be cited.

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