How to gain confidence?

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How to gain confidence?
Post # 1
Hi, guys i just need some advice on how to gain confidence and be outgoing. You know, i just wanna put some bright colors in my personality. Also i feel very left out and lonely in school, every body likes to pick on me and stuff i just feel like the WEAKEST LINK! So please give me your best advice, suggestion and etc.

Blessed Be & Much Luv,
Tevans =)
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Re: How to gain confidence?
Post # 2

look in the mirror. see yourself. see who you are. realize yourself. tell yourself i am strong i can do this.

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Re: How to gain confidence?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
If they have a local detachment how about cadets? They help you build self confidence and your physical strength. Or you could start exercising, that always stops people from bullying you. And most of all start telling yourself you CAN do it.
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Re: How to gain confidence?
Post # 4

In the wild after running and runnning time and time again, so one day they get cornered and are fed up with it they reveal that can overwhelm their predator. So basically what I'm saying isthe bullied and beaten are the truly powerful, and that there's a power in you that makes you strong as cornered prey with nothing to lose. Blessed be.

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Re: How to gain confidence?
Post # 5

If you want to gain confidence then, learn to love who you are. Sure you can use a spell if you wish, but that would all be mental, nothing more.

If you're lonely, then make friends. Your personality is as bright as you make it. If people are picking on you then ignore them or tell them to back off. Have faith in yourself, and others, in turn, may have some faith and respect in you.

The world is a tough places. It won't change over night, but the way that you view it can change.

Roll your shoulders back and smile. Be comfortable with yourself and go from there.

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Re: How to gain confidence?
Post # 6
Psycoloical viewpoint: Confidence is aqquired from success of achievement. So, set yourself realistic targets. When you accomplish them, you will, naturally, feel more confident. Try new things, stretch yourself, but not so that you set yourself up to fail. There is no way you can suddenly become confident over night, although I agree with the post that suggested you learn to love yourself.

Saying things out loud is very good for helping yourself. For example, when something makes you laugh, you can say, to yourself, (after all, we don't want to get locked up!), "I enjoy how my sense of humour makes me laugh". Or, if you are talented in a particulr way, say, gymnastics, "I love how I have learned to strectch myself this far". Society these days teaches us that it is a crime to appreciate ourselves. It is not. How can we be confident if we shy away from our achievements?

I don't doubt that you possess wonderful qualities. The trick is, that you see them for yourself. When you can see them, affirm them with conviction to yourself. Good luck! :D
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