I don't get it..?

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Forums -> General Info -> I don't get it..?

I don't get it..?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have seen this phrase posted several times
"if there is a physical way why use a magical one"
and maybe it's all by the same person

Now in some cases a physical way might be better, but I have learned that physical ways can sometimes cause more harm. Like certain drugs might make you feel better but later itwill kill your liver....

As a studying and practicing pagan I believe that what people call "magickal" way should replace it with "natural" and in that case why wouldn't you try everything natural before switching to chemically altered drugs and other synthetic means of achieving your goals.

One, it is probably alot cheaper
Two, these methods have been around for eons, why wouldn't they work?
Three, it would be a lot safer

I am not saying you should seek out a "professional" for advice on whatever the issue is, but do you really want to take their drugs as opposed to a tea?

Any opinions on what you would do first or why you would not put "magicks" first?

Blessed Be
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Re: I don't get it..?
Post # 2
simply put, you wouldnt use magick to go get the remote from across the room, you would go and pick it up by hand. :/
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Re: I don't get it..?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Magick and natural remides can't cure everything. Many if the major killers from the time when Magick was the only cure can now be cured. Magick has never been able to cure Cancer, or stop a diabetic from entering a hypo. Many of today's medical sciences are far more reliable than many natural remides. I sure know I'd like a aspirin more than a spell for my headaches Not trying to put you down, just show you my point
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Re: I don't get it..?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Witches never really only used spells to treat ailments. They knew herbs. But sometimes a few "magic" words together with a few herbs can usually work wonders! Like Aspirin for a headache, and many other aliments. Witches used Aspirin for hundreds of years. It wasn't called that, of course, it was merely the bark of a willow tree>
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