Pieces of a puzzle?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Pieces of a puzzle?

Pieces of a puzzle?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Ok I'm going to start off by saying I have a cute figurine of a witch dressed in purple robes with her BoS on her lap and a crystal in her palms and sitting next to her is a beautiful gray wolf which was given to me by a cherokee. I feel drawn to wolves ( but not dogs ) although the cat has always been my most beloved animal.

The other day I had a vision which had a great impact on me.
I was doing a spirit guide meditation. During this I was siting around a campfire with a few Cherokees and a shaman. Next to the shaman was a giant wolf and the only thing I could see was the fire shining in his eyes a bright yellow. He was staring very intensely at me. When I came out of the meditation I had this deep anger that I couldn't let go of for four hours. ( we came to conclusion might have been angry at someone and was hiding truthful feelings). So that night I did a anger banishing spell.

I have felt lighter and more mild these last few days. It's been great.
And then today I get an email from a shaman out of the blue.

Coincidences? Being led down a path? Not asking for opinions on my choice just what y'all think about coincidences and such :)

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Re: Pieces of a puzzle?
Post # 2
Such interesting fated coincidences. I myself am part Cherokee, on my mother's side of the Wolf Clan. In all my studies of magick the past 7 months I never had a vision before, fascinating.
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Re: Pieces of a puzzle?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Some people are more open to visions than others. But I do that to a extent raven. But I don't actualy have a vision, I just know things are going to happen. But it is only a coincidence if you think it is
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Re: Pieces of a puzzle?
Post # 4
after a wile in magick you stop believing in coincidences. I think the wolf might be one of your totem animals and was just looking out for you. Another explanation is that the wolf was the shaman's totem or power animal.
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Re: Pieces of a puzzle?
Post # 5
It may be have just been a sign that a shaman will contact you. It also sounds like the wolf is a totem animal of yours.
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