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Crystal Properties
Post # 1
Each crystal is unique. When you are drawn to a crystal it usually has a property that you need in your life. Always remember to cleanse, charge, bless, and Dedicate your stones.

Amethyst: Calms the mind and transmutes negativity. It stimulates the throat chakra. Aides in new ideas. It is a great enhancer of psychic energy and helps to block psychic attacks. Promotes selflessness. Helps to heal emotional and physical pain. It aides insomnia and hearing and balances energies. All around a great stone to have :)

Obsidian: Repels negativity. Improves self control and helps to break bad habbits. Retains balance during times of change. Transforms negative environmental energy. Aides in letting go of the past.

Citrine: The stone of prosperity. It attracts wealth and success. It brings happiness and generosity. It envigorates and energizes, increasing physical activity and activating creativity. It opens the naval and solar plexus chakra. It stimulates the crown chakra.

Malachite: The stone of transformation. It draws out feelings of hurt and resentment. It breaks unwanted ties. It clears and activates all of the chakras, clarifies emotions, and releases negative experiences. It guards against radiation.

Tigers Eye: It is a protective stone. It aides in accomplishing goals, and recognizing inner sources. Enhances psychic abilities and balances yin and yang energies. It also brings clarity of intention.

Quarts (clear): It is one of the most healing crystals. It is an energy amplifier, doubling your auric field. It stores, releases and regulates energy on both the physical and emotional plane. It is a deep soul cleanser. enhances psychic awareness and amplifies psychic abilities. Stimulates the immune system. It is also noted to slow fuel consumption in a car.

Quartz (rutilated): Helps you get to the root of problems. It aides in astral travel. It absorbes mercury poisoning. It hightens the energetic impulses of clear quartz.

Quartz (smokey): Aides in detoxification of the whole being. It helps relieve fears and doubts, releases depression therefore bringing calmness and positivity. Usefull in illness. it cleanses the base chakra. Brings about virility. It grounds spiritual energy. It also reduces nightmares and helps produce pleasant dreams.

Feel free to add to this or mail me any suggestions you may have. I will not write up the chemical composition so if you want you may add it. I will add more when I have time :)
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Re: Crystal Properties
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Great post, I'm no expert on crystals. Never really seemed to be able to understand them... But still is a nice post
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Re: Crystal Properties
Post # 3
I LOVE crystals :D Absolutely love em' :D

Now i love the general info on crystals you gave :D

If i may add

Rose Quartz
A Pink/ light red stone, that is accompanied with love and the heart chakra. If wore around the neck it is said to attract love.

That was only a very small of the top of my head post, quite frankly i have no idea why i felt the need to post it, but i did :D
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Re: Crystal Properties
Post # 4
Sorry it has been so long since I added to it. I am huggy :)

balances and harmonizes the body functions. IT can effect the color vibration of other stones.Strengthens the bodys physical processes. Incourages spiritual exploration. It can help you emotionally and physicall accept new things and receptive to divine energies. It creates a sheild that will reflect ones own negative thoughts. Stabilizes the crystalization process. It can restructure cells into a positive crystalization.

All of my information on crystals comes from a mixture of these sites and my own personal experience with the stones.
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Re: Crystal Properties
Post # 5
how about spirit quartz?
blessed be
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Re: Crystal Properties
Post # 6
These properties of crystals are right in terms of magic.
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Re: Crystal Properties
Post # 7
Spirit quartz(aka porcupine or cactus quartz) has the same main characteristic of clear quartz (amplification) it increases energy, positive energy and peacefulness to all realms of being. It turns the negative into positive and shields peoples energy and aura. Great for aligning and balancing the chakras. Boosts and cleanses other stones. Wonderful stone for protection.

Thank you for suggesting this one. I did not know it = )
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