Im new so help me

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Forums -> General Info -> Im new so help me

Im new so help me
Post # 1
Hey, im new here and and u obviously know that im having trouble with this spell casting stuff. I was trying to cast some of the most simple spells on this site and guess what, THEY DIDNT WORK! I know that believing in the magic is mandatory, but how can a beginniner like me believe in something thats obviously not working? Can someone give me some simple tips and please dont say that I have to read some fancy books and study for years, because I am having serious problems and I need instant proof and reason to believe in something thats unbelievable. Thanx, and excuse me for being irritated
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Re: Im new so help me
Post # 2
Firstly you should know that many of the spells on this site isn't real,but anyway you HAVE TO believe in magic to make it happen.Then i will say that spells aren't the first step,the first step is to begin to meditate,then i wish you good luck in your study.
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Re: Im new so help me
Post # 3
okay first of all not saying you have to read some fancy book but at least read something , i mean how are you supposed to believe in something that you dont understand.

and many people do study for years before casting spell although i didnt i did how ever learn my basics first , and instant proof isnt what magicks about your not going to say a spell and poof your flying

and lastly many of the spells on here are fluffy and i dont even use the spell section on here anymore

if you have any questions or need more help feel free to email me on here (if you click my name , right above my profile pick is mail tab )
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Re: Im new so help me
Post # 4
First of you never said the magick word, which is please, but saying that you seem very impatient, so sadly my help for you will not be of any use. For you my advise would be to quit if you don't wanna read or learn. We are all busy and failure is not an option, if your not gonna try your best or study you may aswell not waste anyone's time. I've seen too many people on here that quit to know how that angers people.

Now saying all that I hope you find your path and are guided along. =)
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Re: Im new so help me
Post # 5

I highly suggest that you go to Newbie Central which is located in the 'Articles' Section of SoM. Most of the spells on this site work. No website is full proof to have 100% working spells. Some problems you might be creating yourself are:

  • Not Using Your Energy
  • Not having enough energy for the Spell
  • Not visualizing (If that is required in the spell)
  • Not beliving in Magick (If you don't believe the spell will never work)
  • It could just be the spell is not a real spell.

These are all variables that could have affect on your spellcasting.

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