making your own deck

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making your own deck
Post # 1
Every tarot deck is somewhat different from the others. When you do divination with tarot it is best if the deck suits the individual doing the reading. The more we resonate with our deck, the easier it is to interpret.

My personal favorite based on the setup is Thoth. Including the fool there are 22 trump cards (representing powerful influences), 4 suits (disks, swords, wands, and cups) and each suit has 4 court cards that indicate meetings in society, and an Ace card representing new beginnings, energy and strength.

When you make your own deck it helps to incorporate the trumps and suits of a deck you like. Using an artistic medium you favor can increase your chances of a successful reading. It is important to use colors and symbols that reflect your own ideals of the meaning of each card. For instance the ace of cups represents the root powers of water, fertility, productivity, beauty, pleasure and happiness. I painted a waterfall flowing into a pool of water edged in lilies and a clear blue sky at the top.

If you have any questions or need help making a deck feel free to ask :)
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Re: making your own deck
Post # 2
Make sure you also use the symbol for each card, such as 4 cups for the four of cups. Sometimes when doing a reading for someone else they may have thier own meaning for each card.
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Re: making your own deck
Post # 3
I do have a set of tarot cards that I've used forever, but I would love to make my own! It would be more personal to me. Thank you so much for being willing to help us in making our own cards. Blessed Be!
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Re: making your own deck
Post # 4
i recently started making my own deck exept mines is only going to have the 22 major arcane until i learn more
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Re: making your own deck
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I've started my own deck as well, unfortunately it takes me like 20 minutes to paint each card! I'm painting with acrylic on an old deck of cards. I'm working on the Wands Suit but I look at the Thoth deck and the meanings and make my own cards. So they sometimes look similar to the Thoth deck cards but with my own details.

I think it's nice to make your own deck, especially if you're beginning to learn Tarot like me, because the symbols that you relate to that you put on the cards will help you remember the meaning as well as give you a greater connection to them :)
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