light and darkness

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> light and darkness

light and darkness
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
my suggestion is to create a spell that can awaken your true light and darkness.
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Re: light and darkness
Post # 2
My suggestion is just work with your light and dark. its very easy, mail and ill tell ya. on mobile atm and dont feel like typing a novel. peace :)
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Re: light and darkness
Post # 3

I am curious...

When you say a spell to awaken your true light and darkness... What do you mean?

What is light? What is Darkness, What is true Light and True Darkness?

For one to first craft a spell, one first needs a clear definition, an image or representation of what it is they are trying to accomplis thus in this create awaken something from a dormant or inactive state. So what exactly is light, light as in the from a ligh source such as sunlight or perhaps light as in good natured or good hearted i.e. goodness. Darkness, is that the void or absence of light, perhaps even vacuum.; or is that a representation for bad natured or hearted or evil. Or light and darkness can mean something entirely different... Depending on the person, their background and culture, and their purpose or intent. What is it that you plan to do when you awaken this true light and darkness, what will doing thta cause or affect?

Maybe I am being to inquisitive and being too philosophical but after thinging about the term light and darkness and for that matter true light and darkness, I have to wonder what those names/terms even mean, what they represent, and how awakening those aspects or things would change your life, your ability, your magic etc. And even further on a cautionary note how will it affect others, will it bring about a negative or positive outcome, will it be beneficial or harmful etc. etc.

Just some thoughts...

Blessings and Peace be with you,


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Re: light and darkness
Post # 4
very good questions :D but they can be easily answered. you see, it depends on how you look at it. if you want a physical example, just take a look around. light and dark created everything there is. they are simply two sides to the same coin though. there is no duality, it makes up a whole. darkness, essentially, solidity. light, allows the emotional level to connect through the senses. the colors you see, textures, all of it that you perceive through senses is light. now, since if all of it is just a combination of light and dark, that means everything is an emanation of everything. "everything reflects everything. nothing reflects nothing. it is whole!" ;)

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