Several Questions...?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Several Questions...?

Several Questions...?
Post # 1
Does anyone have a good eye-color changing spell? I wish to have my green eyes turn hazel...

Is it physically possible to grow wings? Levitate? Fly?

What spells would you recommend that are simple and require mainly a voice, will power, and other items like such? (f.e- No cauldron, herbs, ect.)

Do Dragons exist, on a different plane, or are just invisble to us?

What love spells (If any) work, to get my crush to like me back? I mean, like, like. Love.

I have a few more questions, but can't name them off the top of my head. Please, no Dark Magic (Black Magic) spells, stick with White Magic. I don't like Black magic much at all. >.<
Sorry I'm acting like a n00b, but these questions I've wondered since I was around 6.
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Re: Several Questions...?
Post # 2

I do recall that we covered the topics when you asked them in chat :/

You cannot physically, magically or otherwise change your eye color, shape, weight, height etc. As suggested the best idea is by wearing color contacts.

You cannot grow wings or fly, not in the physical plane however it's possible in the astral plane.

You should not attempt to cast spells whether you or someone else thinks there easy. First you should or in my opinion study and learn the basics of magic, whick are skills and concepts one needs to learn to succesfully cast spells and magic etc. There is a decent list of the basics detailed on my profile, to get to my profile simply click on my name.

Blessings and Peace be with you, I do hope you learn the true or as true as possible the meanings and purpose of magic and what you can and can't do with it.


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Re: Several Questions...?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
First of all, casting a love spell to make others like you back is mean. If you didn't like someone that way would you want to suddenly be in love with someone you aren't really in love with in the first place? I think it's kind of mean and they almost always backfire but, there is a kind of love spell you can use. It's where you do the spell with no particular person in mind and that spell draws a person to you who you would normally love. There is no one hundred percent guarantee that it will work, no spells are but, it's always worth a try. I'm sure you can find a few of these spells in the spells section of the site. Also, it's impossible to grow wings but, you can find some wherever halloween products are sold. As far as a spell that only requires will power and force, not all spells are set in stone. I mean, you can find a spell here on the site that requires a candle, or basil, or something like that and just not use it. I used to get spells off this site all the time and modify them until it feels right. Just use whatever spell feels right to you. As far as your green eyes turning hazel, I've heard it is possible to use a glamour spell to make your eyes appear hazel to yourself and other people but, I've never really tried to do that so I'm not sure it's possible.Oh, and your eyes will still be green but, they just appear a different color to everybody else. Again, I'm not sure if it works though.
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Re: Several Questions...?
Post # 4
I thank both of you greatly. :) I know I asked them in chat, I'm sorry... I went to my facebook, I was switching between.

I've tried a spell for growing wings, and I'm confident, but not leaning on it right now. There's a possibility it might not work. Magic seems to be somehwat unpredictable.

I might try changing my eye color, just to myself and others. But, maybe keeping my green eyes will come in handy someday. ;)

I agree with you, Bird... I've decided a truth spell will be handier and not as mean as a love spell. I just want to know if he likes me back. If he doesn't, I'll move on.
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Re: Several Questions...?
Post # 5
eye color changing spell..... i have never tried casting one of course it would be a illusion

no it is not possible to grow wings levitate or fly

and if you dont know these things you probably dont know your basics (check in general forum) so i suggest dont cast any spells

and love spells in my opinion should not be cast because it takes away will its like having a dummy love you

and side note magick is only catogrized black and white for intentions

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Re: Several Questions...?
Post # 6
Um I was doing
The vampire spell an when it said satons I was saying sations and if u mess up u have to do it ten more times is there a spell to reset the amout of times like a forgiveness spell or something
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