Spells are NOT miracles.

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Forums -> Comments -> Spells are NOT miracles.

Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 1
So I see that I've got your attention, good. First of all, excuse me for any mistakes you might find here; I'm not a native english speaker.

Let's get to the subject at hand, which very urgent to all the beginners that are interested in using magic.

The first basic you should understand is that magic is NOT miracles. It cannot alter your race, because as I've been browsing; I saw a lot of posts claiming the impossible. Such as spells to become mermaids, vampires or other Mythological creatures. Understand this people, you're meant to be a human; you're gonna stay like that.

I also saw a spell that was under the title "bring a picture to life". Isn't there something wrong with this sentence? Yeah, EVERYTHING!! Turning a picture to life is impossible; if it was, then what if someone brought Hitler back to life? Ooops, big mistake!! Goodbye dear world!!

So yes, once again I am going to say that spells ARE NOT MIRACLES!! Magic is sharing power !! Either with mother earth, Demons, angels.....And the list goes.

So if you are willing to learn magic, this is the first thing you should know: Magic have limits.

I hope that this made you understand that REAL magic is not Harry potter crap. We don't do Abracadabra!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that it is useful for some of you since it is VERY important to learn everything about magic before using it.

Again, excuse me for any mistakes.
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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I agree with all typed above .

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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 3
Love :D
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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 4
Artemisia: Thank you very much, All the magic users agree with this. Only trolls are claiming to make spells such as those. Thank you again for taking the time to reply. =D

Thedarksun: Awww, Thank you!! I'm glad you agree with me, those trolls out there who claims to do impossible magic know nothing about magic!
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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 5

Very well said.

I must also mention that magic cannot make or help you fly, levitate, grow wings, become a demon or angel sinning or being good could do that...

Magic is not a cure all or fix all, magic may be useful and help with many things but just because you can doesn't always mean you should. There are many things that can be done with some old fashioned hard work and effort.

Magic cannot bring the dead back to life, make/force someone to like/love you, transport you through time and space, and make bunny rabbits appear out of a top hat.

Magic is a sacred power and to treat it like its a technology like your everyday cell phone that you have attached to you belt clip so you can whip it out in a seconds notice and use it, is demeaning and degrading of it's very essence and nature. You must study hard, practice often, learn from your mistakes and when you fall pick yourself up graciously and move forward.

Learn to seperate fiction especially fantasy from reality and within the realms of possibility as many great people have said "if everything was possible that would mean that something can be impossible, would it not, erago a paradox."

Believe what you want, do what you want but try to keep it from here if you've been repeatedly told no, it's not possible, your a nutjob etc. Try to be respectful, be kind to thers, and yearn to do good, stick with those simple guidlines and you may go far. If not then your best bet would to probably and most likey be to find another website to troll or harass.

Blessings and Peace be with all of you,


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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 6
Theillyrium: Thank you very much for the useful reply. I totally agree with everything you said, Magic is not something that should be treated as a daily tool. It should be worshipped because it is very special and unique thus, without it we wouldn't have been to what we are today. Thank you again very much. =D
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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 7
Yep :)

For once someone doesn't use text talk and your speech makes sense grammar wise!
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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 8
iDragonfly: Thank you so much, I'm trying to fix the statut of 13 year old witches, most that I saw are slightly.....Illogical(for lack of better term). Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I'm glad you like it.
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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 9

I was talking with a 13 years old kid from this site that teaches to over 500 people, wrote over 200 articles, teaches magic in 3 other web pages and told me he alone did Katrina, the Japanese Tsunami and some other natural disasters. Remember to check the sources when you read any material or web. Man it's depressing getting trolled so easily by a 13 year old boy.

Why people in this site seem to ignore

A) Law of the big numbers.

B) Self Hypnosis

C) Neuro Linguistic Programming

A) People will post and share their success more than their failure. If I post a fake spell, some people will report back saying it worked. Because it worked by chance in only 1% of the cases. That is not a spell, that is just chance or something to do with point B or C.

B) We can delude ourselves really easily. We can have visions and waken dreams and even halucinations if we put our minds into it. It doesen't mean it comes from a higger self or entity. Our subconcious is always working and creating crazy stuff, believing something you think you remember or paying attetntion to a dream might be stupid, but it can also be a good insigt or help you achieve something that could lead you to personal grouth. It's ok unless you start saying you speak with angels because you are half angel and the end of the world is comming. That is bullshit and your random imagination's work, it will make people run away from you, surround you by stupid people and make you unhappy.

C) Our subconcious mind is much much inteligent than us. It can solve any problem and influence us into taking the right desicions as if it was magic. If you repeat an idea or concept, your brain will think is something you need and start working for you to achieve it. Is nothing external, its just your brain.

Breathing, meditation, rituals, etc. Help your health and your focus. That makes your brain, and that way your "magic" stronger.

The other point is the James Randi foundation. They did a great work and they still do. They tested even people who said that could feel energy, putting a glass between the hand of the psychics and the people tested and making the would be psychics guess when the voluntary's hand was on top of his with his eyes covered.

Similar experiments with people who said they could do things we also think we can do, as seeing energy. Getting feelings, guessing cards, etc. All failed.

I just guessed today that my brother was watching Tintin, and he is 10 000 km away from me. Some years ago I guessed that one friend was about to kill herself without any clue, rushed to her place and was able to grab her as she was about to jump form a 10 floor. Those where just coincidences? Law of the big numbers says yes. There where a lot of other things I couldn't "feel", and the stuff I guess is just me deluding myself. Is that an english word?

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Re: Spells are NOT miracles.
Post # 10

I would like if somebody could prove me wrong. I would be a psychic if those things existed!

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