The lesser key of Solomon

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> The lesser key of Solomon

The lesser key of Solomon
Post # 1
In my studying on The Lemegeton...
I found that there are 2 questions:
1-what the meaning of the words(Lemegeton),(Goetia),(Clavicula),(Theurgia),and their origins...French-Latin-or what?
2-There is a preliminary evocation at the beginning of Goetia, the author didn`t mention what its benefit, how to use it, what its proper hour and incense?
3-The Lemegeton (Mathers translation)Explains all tools to accomplish the demons evocations, the circle/the triangle/the proper garments to wear...etc, but...I found in another books(like the Goetic evocations by Steve Savedow) there are extra tools that (The Lemegeton) didn`t mention, like the proper talismans which were required to be drawn on proper parts of the garments, talismans on the dagger...etc, how come? and how should I know that there are things required that (Lemegeton) and Savedow and others didn`t mention which out of them the operation won`t success?
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Re: The lesser key of Solomon
Post # 2
Actually, The success rate of the "calling" is not really that at stake. It is really based more on the control and protection of the Exorcist himself. To rephrase it, The one's with lower requirements and effort is like watching a 1960's TV while the one's with more items, sigils, materials, etc is like viewing in a fiber wire HD TV. So you see when you have less materials you can still contact the spirit except the reception is crappy.
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Re: The lesser key of Solomon
By: / Novice
Post # 3
There are far easier methods than the goetec ones, and one heck of a lot less rude. Would you like to be demanded into something? Especially by someone far less powerful than you. Try requesting they come through meditation, give them the option and there is more chance that they would be happy to help. Or you could go through with your planned method, just if you do that... Do not step outside the circle.
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Re: The lesser key of Solomon
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I believe much of the root language is Greek. Though I may be mistaken. There may also be latin influences.

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Re: The lesser key of Solomon
Post # 5

Yep, good eye! There's strong Greek influence, Latin takes up a bit with specific naming and such (Latin is one of the most detailed languages in existence and also one of the oldest). I do believe there to be Eastern sway in there as well, but that one is just a hunch.

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