Manifestation & Afterlife

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Manifestation & Afterlife
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
hey guys, this might sound confusing so bare with me. so youve heard of astral manifestation right? its like spell casting, you send your intentions and universe to the astral or universe and it manifests into reality. its how most things form. thats how most gods and godesses form. but one thing has been bothering for me for quite a while. well, you know that there are about 2 billion Christians in the world? well, is it possible that due to their beliefs and faith, a christian god and a christian afterlife may exist? theres so many christians out there its almost impossible to say that their thoughts and beliefs dont manifest in the astral. what is your opinion on this?? ALSO, just 1 more thing. is it fair to say that everybody goes to their own afterlife? lets say, pagans and wiccans and buddhists riencarnate, and christains go to heaven or hell. basically, can everyone just go to their chosen afterlife??? WAIT, one more question promise! lol. is it possible for a pagan to NOT belive in spirits?? hahahaha thx. and more thanks to those who responded and too time to read to whole paragragh hahaha
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Re: Manifestation & Afterlife
Post # 2
As for the first part i recommend you research "egregores"
As for the second part, it really depends what the individual chooses to believe.
As for the last part, yes it is possible for pagans to not believe in spirits.
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Re: Manifestation & Afterlife
Post # 3
i think that it could be possible but we have no way of knowing cause if this is true then the "rules" they created with there gods and goddesses still stands. like to enter there "heaven" you need to follow the "rules" they in place to hold order. like thou shall not kill, one would need to follow the "rule" in order to gain entry into there "heaven". but if this is true then alot of things could be manifested in reality by thought and energy alone and that all religion would be true because people believe it is true.
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Re: Manifestation & Afterlife
Post # 4
Subjective truth =)
I agree wulfgar
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