family spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> family spell?

family spell?
Post # 1
any idea's on a spell to make my husband more of a family guy to my kids? we have a blended family and he hasen't been much of a family guy to begin with and it's been 6 years.. he's okay with his kid but not really family fun.. a good spell would help..
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Re: family spell?
By: / Adept
Post # 2
I think you'll have the most luck searching for spells under the "Peaceful Home" category. Put "peaceful home spell" into Google and see what comes up. Lucky Mojo has a good online article about peaceful home spellwork You may try sweetening him up with a honey jar spell also.

You asked for magical advice so i'll not give out any unsolicited practical advice except to say that magic works on the love, tenderness, etc. that a person has in their heart to begin with - it will not turn a cold fish into a Cassanova (not that your husband is a cold fish).

At best, a good spell will stir up the potential he has and perhaps then he will decide himself to cultivate tenderness on his own terms. A spell will not make him into something he is not. You said he wasn't much of a family man to begin with - go ahead and try magic, you may get great results - also prepare to live the rest of your life with a partner who shows his love for his family differently than you do. Best of luck!
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Re: family spell?
Post # 3
thank you... he does show love in his own way.. and he is lovey.. maybe i just want more.. i will try the ones you have said.. we have alot of stress right now as well so that is a factor as well. the ecomomy sucks. thanks for all the good advise.
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