I am Aine

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I am Aine
Post # 1
I am the Goddess Aine. I am the Fairy Queen of the South Munster fairies and dwell in Knock Aine in Ireland. I am Goddess of love and fertility and patron of crops and cattle.

The Sun and Moon are my planets, Meadowsweet is my herb. Southwest is my direction and air is my element. Midsummer Eve is my main feast day when I am traditionally worshiped with torchlight processions through the fields at night. The first Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Lughnassad are my sacred days.

I have the ability to appear to mortal men as a woman of great beauty~ The Fairy Lover~ I can spell bound any man into a fatal attraction and as a result death would be the certain outcome to the chosen ones.

Invoke me for love spells, fertility, fairy magic, abundance, and prosperity, punishing sex crimes, keeping magical vows, revealing fairies, bearing magical children and leaving unsuitable mates.

Since I am the protector of women invoke me and my fairies to be called upon to protect and give strength and courage to women, and to guard and watch over cattle. In a ritual you may ask my fairies to guard you if you are approaching a difficult or dangerous situation.

*My themes are protection, healing, divination, luck, Earth and Moon. I love silver and white items.

I am closely related to onions and you may invoke me to restore healthy energy by gathering the problem and taking it away. Burn or bury the onion slice after you have rubbed it on sores, bug bites or scratches.

To invoke me, improve well-being and improve your lunar attributes is by making and eating onion soup. Use red, Spanish, white and cooking onions along with chives. By heating and blending them, you mix the magic to perfection. Stir clockwise, whispering Aine?s name into the soup so she abides in each vitality- laden sip.*

If you are having relationship problems, send me a message and I will try with the best of my magic to help you.
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Re: I am Aine
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: I am Aine
Post # 3
That's an Irish ledgend, i would know, being Irish.

Her husband was human, she was a fae queen and she left him and went to knock Aine in Clair.

Dude, re-posts suck. Especially when you re-post legends and claim to be from them.
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