Publishing my wish spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Publishing my wish spell

Publishing my wish spell
Post # 1
Today is the day when I give thanks to St. Raphael, St. Michael and St. Gabriel for hearing my wish. Since you guys understand these things, I'm doing this on this forum, amongst other. Read if you like.

3 candles (any color)
White sugar
A plate

What to do: Put the 3 candles in the plate and sprinkle white sugar around them. Light the candles and put it on the tallest place in your home. Ask the first angel (St. Rafeal) a wish for buisness. then ask the second angel (St. Micheal) a wish for love. Then ask the third angel (St. Gabriel) an impossible wish. On the third day after you did this spell some how promote the spell (could be by telling a bunch of friends about this spell). Then watch what happens on the fourth day.
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Re: Publishing my wish spell
Post # 2
iv herd this before, i think it's a re-post. First off i hate the way that you have to pray to the angels, because we don't all pray to angels but to be similar you could use.

Hermes-for business wish. Because he was in charge of much important business and messages.

Aphrodite- Goddess of love :)

Morpheus- God of dreams. For the Impossible spell.
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Re: Publishing my wish spell
Post # 3
I agree With Dark sun.
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Re: Publishing my wish spell
Post # 4
Your spell is more for an angelic believer like me but I would tell the angels what I need to better myself but I like the way you mentioned and brought up the angels I respect that and it takes guts to post a speLl on a form which people are going to judge. Best wishes :)
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Re: Publishing my wish spell
Post # 5
Firstly i would like to say i agree with terrahurts ;)
Secondly you talk about THE angels, or better earthangels, so i mean That is good and there are still angelic believers, also as they are earthangels, so am i

Also darklight, it could be you pray not to angels and god, but all these meanings are mostly THE Same, and because we pray for angels is doesn't mean you need to hate that, never hate anything, but its always good when you tell something you get in your minds and thats positive
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