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Post # 1
I seem to get premonitions without knowing while I sleep. Could someone help me understand how this is happening and if I could make them stronger then just random.
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Re: Premonitions
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
This happens to me a lot too! I have the same questions. May I ask you a question? For you, does the frequency of the premonitions happen randomly or is there a pattern? Because mine, whenever I think I got the pattern, it goes against it again...
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Re: Premonitions
Post # 3
De ja vu (Or the correct term is da ja da.)

It is just seeing the future, or past or present, in your dreams. Happens to us all. Usually we can't remember we had the dream until it actually happens. Which is why we usually just set it aside.
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Re: Premonitions
Post # 4
it seems stronger then just De ja vu. i once stop someone from hurting themself in a carcrash. but in doing so the people in the car behind us got hurt instead.
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Re: Premonitions
Post # 5
A vision in your dream, the correct term is de ja vu. Im sorry, that's the correct term, doesn't matter how strong.
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Re: Premonitions
Post # 6
I have had many types of dreams from pure ecstacy to horrible nightmares. I have even studied and controlled, Lucid Dreaming. I have never had a premonition dream. This is a raw talent, a gift from the Divine.
From reading several books and articles on dreaming;
To start controlling your dreams,
you must 1st acknowledge them. You have.
The next step, is writing down what you can recall in a notebook, a Dream Diary, if you will, in the morning after awakening. I know this is a pain, I have done this when studying Lucid Dreaming. Sometimes my mind would make up all kinds of excuses to stray away from writing my dreams in that accursed Diary. But, this is a necessary step.
As you get into the habit of recalling what you can, and writing what you can remember in the morning, within a month, you will get better at controlling your dreams because,
you will have addressed/acknowledged/noticed your dream, and your mind will make corrections in your next dream and, your mind will continue with those prophetic dreams because of your genuine interest in writing these. And, you have a record of these and your mind will think that these prophetic dreams are important to you and thereby will continue them.
Later on, I would suggest you study, learn, and practice, Lucid Dreaming. I will not define this, as it is an incentive to you to look it up and do your research.
Anyway, that's my take on this. That's my .02c worth of comment from the peanut gallery section.
Blessed Be.
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