Love Spell... Masc/Fem??

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Love Spell... Masc/Fem??

Love Spell... Masc/Fem??
Post # 1

I'm looking to do a aphrodite ritual for love but I'm unsure of whether I pick 12 FEM or MASC herbs? and should there be any specific planetary symbolic herbs?

This is for a FEMALE by the way. I am a female, this is just my friend's account because I want an answer now. (: thanks for all help
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Re: Love Spell... Masc/Fem??
Post # 2
Hmm well 1 theory i have on this is, all plant's are Hermaphrodite's. so you could use what ever you want.

Another is what planet or god/goddess, and female energy or male energy.

I would use half masc, and half feme. Because We all have masc and feme parts. Plus this might help you appeal to her whole personality.

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Re: Love Spell... Masc/Fem??
Post # 3

basil and cinnamon work good for me

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Re: Love Spell... Masc/Fem??
Post # 4
Well i think that is smallest thing i can give you love spell
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Re: Love Spell... Masc/Fem??
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Well, Thedarksun you are almost right. Most plants are hermaphroditic, having both male and female parts. However there are still a few plants that are not like this. One that's commonly used in magick that most people might recognize is a tree, the ginkgo. The ginkgo tree has separate male and female trees.

To answer the question, if you are doing a ritual to Aphrodite I'd do a little research and use herbs that are sacred to her, a few examples I can find (just doing a quick google of "herbs sacred to Aphrodite") are myrtle, apple, pomegranate, lettuce, myrrh, anemone and red rose. If you can't find 12 that are sacred to her, I'd use feminine herbs to honor her, she's a very feminine goddess. You could also throw in an herb that your love interest is fond of...for example if they love oranges, use orange peel...if they like the smell of cedar trees, use cedar... you get the idea.

Hope this helps. Remember, rituals are all about strengthening the intent and using herbs that represent the situation is what's important. Whatever you use it should "feel right" to you before you begin. With some practice you'll see what I mean. Good luck.
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