Basic Chakras: Part Four.

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Forums -> General Info -> Basic Chakras: Part Four.

Basic Chakras: Part Four.
Post # 1
Fourth, the Heart Chakra. I had the most wonderful experience of this chakra opening during an embrace. We truly felt the love melting into one. I would definately recommend hugging as a heart chakra therapy :)

This is the chakra, of course, of love. It influences compassion, forgiveness, empathy, trust, and being at ease with our selves and our lives. It is a chakra of feeling, and of connection with nature. This is the chakra that teaches unconditional love. It is about tenderness and compassion towards others, and towards ourselves. :)

Heart energy compells us towards love of 'God', or whatever word you might choose to describe your experience of the divine. It is a balanced two-way flow of love within and without. It teaches too, that in order to love effectively, some degree of detatchment is required.

The deveopmental age for Heart energy is 12-15 years. How vulnerable we are at this time! Daring, intense, and inspired, yet still needing support. Parent this part of yourself, with love and wisdom, as well as a firm word from time to time. As Heart energy is tactile, - back to hugging and tenderness. Keep practicing!

The Heart is the central chakra of the system, and needs to pulsate healthily for all other chakras to work properly. To meditate, ask yourself how you FEEL the world. Use sandalwood to quieten, and pine to stimulate.

Problems with this chakra will be evident in the form of emotional instability, - we may feel unloved, suspicious, and repress our feelings. My personal experience of this chakra's difficulties is in the form of tightness in that area due to anxiety. So, relaxation is a likely therapy for heart chakra. Spend time with loved ones. Learn to accept love. Meditate on and use the colours green and rose. Take joy in sensual activities!

~ Zebrah.
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Re: Basic Chakras: Part Four.
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Nice post!

An exercise i am fond of to stimulate this center is to get into a meditative state, place my hand over my Heart, and chant audibly "Ahhhh" on the exhale, feeling the vibrations in your Heartcenter. After you have some proficiency with chanting the Ahhh audibly, you can chant it in your head and get the same vibration effect. Notice what shifts in your Body/Mind/Spirit before and after the meditation.

Many Heart-centered spiritual chants from various world religions have the Ahhh sound in them. Sufis chant "Allah" (Ahh-lah), the remebrance that we are one with the Divine. I remember some of my chants from Kundalini yoga via Hinduism/Sikhism, and many of them have Ahhh sounds, such as the Ram mantra, Ram Naan.

What a beautiful energy center! Thank you!
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Re: Basic Chakras: Part Four.
Post # 3
Nice post :D the heart is my dominant chakra (as in the most open) and i loved reading your post. :)

Thinking of opening a "Heart chakra" Booth and handing out crystals and hugs :D

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Re: Basic Chakras: Part Four.
Post # 4
That's a lovely idea :)
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