break a curse? *help*

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> break a curse? *help*

break a curse? *help*
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi guys, so I asked this question a while ago but I didnt give full details.

I think that a curse was placed upon me when I was a child. I was 5 or 6 years old, and I met this lady who looked like she was in her 20's while my parents were shopping for a christmas tree. I tugged on her skirt and asked her for a piece of gum (i had been told by one of the workers there that knew her that she had some) and she looked down at me and sneered, "do you want me to turn you into a frog?"

a couple of years later, on my right hand (my left is my power hand), a huge wart sprouted on my middle finger. It was there for a couple years, we tried everything to get rid of it. I was really young, and didn't know anything about warts or the fact that they could spread.

when I was 12 they spread to my lips. for about a year I walked with the humiliation and torment of other kids because of this horrific problem. It took my mom forever to find the right type of medication to berid me of this crap. she actually had to TELL the doctor we were seeing what prescription to give me.

To this day, I feel like something dark shadows me. I still have a small dry patch of skin on this hand that has been there for years, idk what it is but it should be fine, hasnt spread or anything like that.

anyway, I have a VERY strong intuition. I know whats up when something's wrong. I have a feeling that this woman placed a curse on me long, long ago. I want to know what you guys think, and if there are any counter curse spells I could work without causing damage to myself if I in fact do not have a curse.

I am a being of light, though for some reason I always seem to coalesce with darkness. I do NOT want to be hurt by this darkness any more. what should I do?
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Re: break a curse? *help*
Post # 2
No honey you are a being of flesh and blood and humanity, no more no less, and I would look up spells to resend curses and such, and wear a crystal for protection, something to negate curses.
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Re: break a curse? *help*
Post # 3
"Being of light" can be a relative term he isnt necessarily a fluffy Oracle.
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Re: break a curse? *help*
Post # 4
Lol... relax, you're not cursed, you just picked up the warts. It's like me saying, "I have measles, I am cursed", just because some lady who cant handle kids said she'll turn me into a dalmation. Warts can happen to anyone.

You were a kid who some lady frightened and what she said got stuck in your head. It happens to kids all the time. If there's anything dark that's haunting you, it's your own fear. And fear can be pretty dreadful.

You may be intuitive but please remember that fear can warp your intuition as well...

Try a fear banishing spell. Besides someone once told me that more you fear a curse, the stronger it gets... Good luck ;)
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Re: break a curse? *help*
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Take a series of cleansing baths for seven mornings in a row. Search online for a formula; it doesn't have to be elaborate. I have a few on my blog (on my profile) as well as instructions for how to take the baths - these are not sit-down baths. Cleansing baths can rid you of negativity, whether it's generated by yourself or others.

I'd also recommend doing a spiritual cleansing of your house too. I do it on Day 1 of the baths. Again, you can find instructions via Google or my blog.
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Re: break a curse? *help*
Post # 6
I'm going to suggest a theory from Sylvia Brown. As we are born, die, and reincarnate, we carry some of our memories in our subconscious from one life to the next. Many of these memories can manifest physically. It could be that there is some issue from a previous life that you haven't resolved. I seriously doubt your cursed, especially by some random old woman who you asked for some gum. I know one person who has been caught in a continuous cycle of romance and heartbreak, possibly with the same soul, over several lifetimes. Also, some people just get warts, but if you feel like somethings up, I'm willing to help you.
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