Basic Chakras. Part Three

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Basic Chakras. Part Three
Post # 1
Next chakra in this series is the Solar Plexus. Situated where it winds you if you get hit, just below the sternum. :P

The developmental age for this chakra is 8-12 years, so spend some time revisiting this part of yourself, psychologically, in order to understand yourself well. Everything can be remedied.

This is a very thinky chakra. Children become concrete operational at this age, ie. capable of reflective thought. Opinions form, and we begin to exercise logical reason. This means that we can make informed decisions and choices about our lives. We become independant, multi-faceted, people. It is an ending and a beginning, - a birth.

It is with the Solar chakra that our psychic abilities begin to bloom. (Notice that the order of the chakras is evolutionary). Astral experience is connected to this chakra. In psychological terms, solar chakra says "I am". It is the dwelling place of our egos. Parental influence lives here.

Imbalance in Solar chakra is related with self power. Overactivity can lead to anger and uphill battles, - fighting through life. Underactivity makes us experience life as overwhelming and demanding. We need to sort out our reigns to achieve solar balance. Are we driving our lives, or are our lives driving us? Try taking a look at your pubescent years for solutions, particularly your relationship with parents or gaurdians. Much turmoil can be resolved in later days by a good honest think, and some building of bridges, internally and externally.

For meditation purposes, yellow and gold are the traditional colours. Sunshine is the perfect medicine, 'Solar' meaning Sun. Some rose can have a softening effect if required.

If you feel trapped or stuck in your life, this could be mutually connected with an underactive Solar chakra. Take charge of your situation, empower yourself. As well, irritabilty might suggest you need to take a step back. Let go some.

Fragrances for Solar chakra include rose for calming, and ylang-ylang for stimulating. Gemstones are topaz, rose quartz, or fools' gold.
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Re: Basic Chakras. Part Three
Post # 2

Thank you for sharing this Zebrah. :)

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Re: Basic Chakras. Part Three
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Love this !!
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