Glass breaks. Meaning?

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Glass breaks. Meaning?
Post # 1
First of all, hello. I am fairly new to this site and to magick, having only consciously started practicing it this year. Although I've visited it for some months now, I have only just made an account. I have performed a few spells before (mainly luck spells) and they all seem to work for me to different degrees of success. This time, however, I felt brave enough to attempt a new spell. It was essentially a wishing spell and what I wished for was love. But as I am chanting and focusing on my wish and on the burning candles, a piece of the glass candle-holder for one of them suddenly...explodes? breaks? pops? off and I narrowly miss getting my thumb cut by a flying shard of hot glass. And this is RIGHT during/after the last line of the spell I was chanting. I am considering the possibility that the glass just overheated, but on the other hand...I was burning the candle for a much shorter time than it would normally take to get that reaction. So...I am asking for your opinions on this. If you think the glass broke simply because it overheated, that's fine. But if you think there may possibly be other reasons, please post what they are. Thank you.
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Re: Glass breaks. Meaning?
Post # 2
Who were you calling to aid you, god and goddess wise, if you were. You might interpret it as a sign that you dont need this in your life right now. That is, the luck or the love, not the magick.

Did the set candle have a specific intent in the spell? Who/what did it represent?

Maybe you were playing on dangerous grounds, or too advanced magick for your experience, and it was warning.

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Re: Glass breaks. Meaning?
Post # 3
well, it could be good, and bad.
good: it may be saying that you have some hidden power that came out, or that the god and goddess heard you (whoever you called to). or it is a sign it worked?

Bad: it is a warning to just S-T-O-P. You may have pissed off who or what you called to, and that is their way of saying stop. It may not be what is intended for you at the time, and its better not to mess with the path!

anyways. before making a conclusion, get a bunch of perspective from different angles. it could be good and bad. or neither. i could have just happened because the conditions were right. anyways. stay calm, dont be freaked out.
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Re: Glass breaks. Meaning?
Post # 4
Thank you for your help. To be honest, I never intended or expected the wish I made to come true anytime soon, but rather...just sometime while I am still young. ^_^

As far as the candles went...I suppose I could say they represented my desire and intentions, generally speaking, and as a means to carry my wish in the smoke, flames and ashes.

Also, I realized that I may not have been ready to tackle a more complex and advanced spell than I have previously tried, (and oh was I nervous before hand...because I understood what I was attempting and could be getting into.) opportunity arose and my gut told me to do it, and good things normally happen to me when I listen to my gut.

On a further note...the candles I was burning were white, pink, and blue, each assigned its own relative meanings. The glass was clear and unmarked.

Once again, thank you for your suggestions.

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Re: Glass breaks. Meaning?
Post # 5
While I cannot be entirely certain if it was true or not, I read somewhere that the color of the broken glass can effect the meaning behind it, and that to break uncolored glass (other than a mirror) was a good I at least hope that the glass broke for that reason, rather than it being something bad.
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Re: Glass breaks. Meaning?
Post # 6
the same thing just happened to me tonight. my fellow wiccan friend told me that it can mean that ur spell was heard. did ur spell work after this happened or did it not?? im just wondering so i know if the same fate will happen to me
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