Basic Chakras. Part Two.

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Basic Chakras. Part Two.
Post # 1
The second of the traditional seven chakras is the Sacral, or Navel chakra. This is situated where the womb sits. With that, the concept of the womb describes it very well, - the pregnant woman in a state of nurturing, creativity, and inspiriation. I like to correspond this chakra with the Futhark rune, Kenaz. Sacral has some degree of overlap with the base chakra, being one of a sexual nature, and representing Origin. It is also connected with abilities of empathy, sensuality, emotions, relationships, love, and intuition.

If this chakra is overactive, emotional and relationship problems may occur, - like jealousy, frigidity and impotence, and fertility problems. We may be hugely creative but lacking any real sense of peace. If it is underactive, we become shy and oversensitive. Our lives may drift with no sense of direction. We may find it difficult to trust.

Tha sacral blends in with the base chakra, but is more complex It's Sanscrit word 'Svadhisthana' means sweet or pleasurable. It has more petals and movement than the root. The lesson of Sacral is that that which creates can also destruct. We must be the master, not the victim, of our emotions.

The key of theraputic behaviour for the Sacral chakra is in creativity and socialising. We must enjoy our friends, parties, singing, and have a damned good laugh! Laughter truly is the best medicine. Like the base chakra, good food and sex are great therapies. The developmental age for Sacral chakra is 5-8 yrs old. Getting back into that part of ourselves will be theraputic.

Fragrances can be used to stimulate and quieten Sacral, - rosemary and geranium for stimuating; musk and amber for calming. Moonstone, as water, the emotions, and sensitivity, are components of Sacral, can also be used.

The element for Sacral is water, - clearly, given the high emotional aspect involved. Again, - play ! I would recommend a day at the beach with friends and family. :)
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Re: Basic Chakras. Part T
Post # 2
one thing for guys its everyone stumic right?
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