A Changing Dream

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A Changing Dream
Post # 1
Okay, so about three weeks ago, I woke up from this very queer dream I had. To sum the dream up, I was on an open field (grassy) and I was in the middle of this mid-aged war. There were catapult projectiles flying everywhere and it was very dangerous to move in that situation. I then saw one of the projectiles hurling towards me and then an old man just "popped" up beside me. On his palm was this figurine of what looked like a dragon but the image is blurry. He then said (something like this) "Call upon Gilif, and you shall be protected." He then shouted the name and a flash of light blinded me. I woke up but I had this image in my head of the dragon like creature growing used itself to block the projectile. Ever since the dream, I've noticed that I have honestly been feeling good about myself and more how do you say, "at home" in a lot of stressing situations like fights where I usually get all nervous and racked up.

Is this some regular dream or is there a meaning behind it?
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Re: A Changing Dream
Post # 2
Well then, this certainly was an interesting read! I've never heard of a creature, much less a Dragon named Gilif, but as research shows, the only "Gilif" I could find was not a creature, but a location. The Gilif Jebes is a location in Northern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea. Sudan is its Short Name, and its people are the Sudanese.

But as for the dream itself, from what I could research is that dragons are one of the most potent animals in dreamlore, and due to their power they are emblematic of inner strength, (but you also say that it was a fuzzy image, so if it was to say be a...Gargoyle, they are and should be viewed as a form of protection. They also indicate that we must guard against taking people at face value.) Dreaming of a war symbolizes that we have an important decision to make, or, that there are conflicting emotions battling inside of us. If you yourself were fighting in the war, you may be wishing to prove yourself. Well, this is all I can give in information. Hope it helps.
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Re: A Changing Dream
Post # 3
Yeah, I wasn't really sure what the creature was. It just looked like a dragon but I can't assume it is cause I haven't seen it very clearly.

Also, if per se, after that dream, you've started noticing something that's twice your size following you around and making you feel like you being watched. What would that mean? just wondering. :) thanks
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